Free Printable Holi Templates

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As Holi approaches, seize the opportunity to involve kids in festive arts and crafts! Grab our 5 Free printable Holi Templates for Kids projects and indulge in crafty fun.

Also, Explore our collection of Holi ideas for kids for more ways to engage Children in the vibrant festivities!

Free printable Holi Templates

What is included in the Free printable Holi Templates Pack

It has the following 5 Printable templates perfect for Classroom crafts or Fun Activities at home.

  1. Bonfire Template
  2. Pichkari template
  3. Holi colours in a Bowl Template
  4. Holi Banners Template
  5. Dolak Template


Activity ideas to do with the Craft templates

  1. Torn paper Craft
  2. Dot marker Art Activity
  3. Colouring with Favorite medium
  4. Process Art Idea
  5. Crafts by using things from Nature – Green leaves, Flower, twigs, etc
  6. Crafts using ingredients from the kitchen – Grains, seeds
  7. Craft with Washi Tapes (Decorate the pickari Template)
  8. Fork Painting
  9. Painting with Q-Tips

Download the Free printable Holi Templates Pack


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