Holi Colouring Card Template

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Are you searching for a delightful activity for kids to create personalized Holi greeting cards? Look no further! Our Holi colouring card template is the perfect way to make a lovely festive gift!

Holi colouring Card printable

There’s no greater joy than receiving a handmade card lovingly created by a little one. So involve kids to make their cards instead of store-bought cards.

Step-by-step Process to make the Holi card

Here is how to make the card:

– Download the Holi colouring card template from the provided link
– Print the template on thick paper or cardstock
– Use scissors to carefully cut along the outer edge of the template, removing excess margins
– Fold the card in half along the centre line
– Allow kids to colour the card with crayons, markers, or coloured pencils
– Write a heartfelt message inside the card using pens or markers
– Optionally, place the finished card in an envelope before gifting it to your loved ones

Have fun making Personalised cards!

Please note that the template is in A4 size, but don’t worry, just use the ‘fit’ option if you’re using US Letter size paper.

Download the Holi Colouring Card printable

Holi colouring Card printable


Download the Holi card Template

Discover additional Holi Card templates featuring festive greetings and black-and-white spaces perfect for unleashing your creativity. Kids can either draw their designs or use paint to create vibrant patterns. Here is a Fun idea – Try painting with dot markers or sponges for a unique touch!

There are 4 Templates including these two

Holi Card Printable


These are only for personal and single-classroom usage. Thanks!

Happy Holi!


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