Flowers Magnifying Glass Matching Cards

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Spring is in full bloom, Celebrate Spring with an interesting matching game – the Spring Flower Magnifying Glass Matching Cards. Perfect to Engage your little ones in an exciting visual discrimination exercise.

This set includes 12 cards featuring vibrant spring flower patterns. Children will need to closely examine the intricate details of each flower through a magnifying glass to find the exact pairs.

Whether you’re creating a spring-themed busy bag or looking for a quiet time activity for any time of the year this Free printable is perfect!

Spring Flower Magnifying Glass Matching Cards

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Here’s what you’ll find in the Free Printable PDF:

– 12 cards showcasing large spring flowers
– 12 cards showcasing small spring flowers
– One Activity Label

How to use the Flower Magnifying Glass Matching Game:

1. Print the cards on sturdy cardstock and carefully cut them out.
2. Lay the cards flat on a surface along with a magnifying glass.
3. Encourage children to use the magnifying glass to closely inspect the intricate details of the spring flowers on the small cards and uncover matching pairs.
4. For younger players, start with a smaller set of cards, such as 6 or 8.

Spring Flower Matching Cards

These Spring Flower Magnifying Glass Matching Cards offer an opportunity to enhance observation skills and provide an enjoyable challenge for kids.

The flowers feature pink coloured flowers in different patterns, requiring careful attention to spot the matching pairs.

Spring Flower Magnifying Glass Matching Cards

Create a Flower-matching game for toddlers

To make this activity even more versatile, you can adapt it for toddlers by printing the large flower cards twice. This allows you to create a simple flower-matching game suitable for younger children, perfect for adding to a learning binder or busy book.

Download the free Spring Printable at the end of the post by signing up!

Spring Flower Magnifying Glass Matching Cards

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Download the Spring Flowers Magnifying Glass Matching Cards Printable

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