Flower Roll and Cover Mat

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This math game is a great Spring Hands-on Activity and helps kids learn numbers from 7 to 12. Download and Print off the Flower Roll and Cover Mat and start playing!

The Best Part is it is free and Easy to prepare!

We have many Roll and Cover mat Printables on our website, so be sure to check them out.

Spring Flower Roll and Cover Mat Printable

Things needed to make this Flower Roll and Cover Mat

  • Flower Roll and Cover Mat printable (You can download it for free at the end of this post)
  •  Two dice
  •  Small objects like coins, buttons, or pegs


Just download and print the mat. Then, gather a dice and some small objects to use as cover.

For extra durability, you can laminate the mats so they can be used again and again.

Now, let the kids play!

Usage instructions for Flower Roll and Cover Mat

Kids roll the dice, say the number they rolled, and cover the matching number on the mat with a marker.

This hands-on game helps improve their ability to recognize numbers quickly.

Spring Flower Roll and Cover Mat Printable


You can also play with multiple players. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and covering numbers on the mat with their markers. The player who covers the most spaces wins!

Watch as the kids get more excited with each roll, developing a love for numbers and learning.

With these Roll and Cover Mats, springtime becomes a fun and educational time for children.


The printable comes in black and white and coloured versions for you to choose from. You can download them at the end of the post and also pin this blog to return to it later.

Spring Flower Roll and Cover Mat Printable

More Roll and Cover Mat Printable

If you’re looking for a simple version for kids to practice with just one die, you might want to try our roll and cover mats with single Die for numbers 1 to 6.

Also check out these mats that include dice Picture that need to be matched:

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Download the Flower Roll and cover Mat

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