Stingray Roll and Cover Mat

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This summer, keep learning fun with this great printable game! The Stingray Roll and Cover Mat is a fantastic way for kids to practice counting, addition, subitizing, and number recognition.

This could be a great addition to your Ocean-themed Learning Activities.

Additionally, take a peek at all the enjoyable Roll and Cover Mats for kids we have available right here!

Stingray Roll and cover mat Printable


Things needed to make this Stingray Roll and Cover Mat

  • Stingray Roll and Cover Mat Printable ( Download at the End of the post by signing up)
  • Dice
  • Manipulatives (Like coins, buttons or Pegs)


This fun and hands-on learning activity is a great way to get kids involved with numbers during the Holiday.

It is very easy to prepare these Roll and Cover Mats.

  • Download the printable at the end of the post and Print it.
  • Optionally you can laminate the mat.
  • Gather Dice and some manipulatives.

Now over to kids to play!

Usage instructions for Stingray Roll and Cover Mat

Kids can roll the dice, cover up the corresponding number on their stingray, and keep rolling until all numbers are covered.

Not only will they get to exercise their math skills, but they’ll also have some creative holiday fun in the process.

Stingray Roll and cover mat Printable

Also, you can turn this into a multiplayer game. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and covering the corresponding number on the mat with their game piece. The player with the most covered spaces at the end of the game wins!

Another fun tip is to turn these mats into roll and colour mats. Have your child colour over the matching numbers and give your child an improved fine motor skills learning experience. It’s sure to be a hit with your kids this summer!

6 Fun Facts about Stingrays

Combine this fun math Activity with learning facts about the Unique Sea creature

  1. Stingrays are excellent swimmers and can gracefully glide through the water using their large, wing-like fins.
  2. Stingrays are mainly found in tropical and subtropical waters around the world.
  3. Stingrays have a lifespan of about 15 to 25 years.
  4. Stingrays have a flat body shape that helps them hide in the sand or blend in with their surroundings.
  5. They have a unique mouth structure located on the underside of their body.
  6. These fascinating creatures have a wide range of colours and patterns on their bodies, which help them camouflage in their habitats.

More Roll and Cover Printables

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Opt for the Black and white version of the Stingray Roll and Cover Mat Printable, a great solution for parents who want to save on ink while enjoying the activity!

Stingray Roll and cover mat Printable

Download the Stingray Roll and Cover Mat Printable


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