Easter Egg Magnifying Glass Matching Cards

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Engage your kids in a fun and educational activity while boosting their visual discrimination skills with our latest Easter-themed printable: Easter Egg Magnifying Glass Matching Cards!

This has a set of 12 Cards and kids need to look closer at the egg patterns to find the exact pair.

It is Perfect for creating your Easter Busy Bag, these printable cards provide a good quiet time activity. And don’t forget to explore our other Printable Busy Bag Ideas for more fun!

Easter Egg Magnifying Glass Matching Printable

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Easter Egg Magnifying Glass Matching Printable

The Free Printable PDF includes:

– 12 cards featuring large Easter eggs
– 12 cards featuring small Easter eggs
– One Activity Label

How to Play the Easter Egg Magnifying Glass Matching Game:

1. Print the cards onto sturdy cardstock and carefully cut them out.
2. Arrange the cards on a flat surface alongside a magnifying glass.
3. Encourage the child to use the magnifying glass to closely inspect the mini Easter eggs and uncover matching pairs.
4. For younger players, begin with a smaller set of cards, such as 6 or 8.

Easter Egg Magnifying Glass Matching Printable

These Easter eggs are designed with three colours -blue, yellow and white. Their patterns may look similar, but they require careful attention to find the right pairs!

This activity provides an exciting challenge for kids and enhances their observation skills, offering engaging entertainment.

Download this printable at the end of the post by signing up. You can also pin this game for later.

Easter Egg Magnifying Glass Matching Printable

Create a Matching game for Toddlers with the Printable

Using the same printable you can also create a visual discrimination matching activity for toddlers.

Instead of printing the small egg cards, print off the large egg sheet twice. This way you can make a fun matching game and add it to your learning binder.

This could be a perfect addition to the Easter Busy book. See all the activities of Easter busy book here.

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Download the Free Printable Easter Egg Magnifying Glass Matching Cards:

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