Easter Egg Busy Bag Printable

Challenge your child with our Easter Egg Busy Bag Printable! It is a very easy-to-setup activity and perfect for Pre-schoolers to work on their critical thinking skills.

Easter egg matching printable cards

Since Easter is around the corner, I wanted to create an Easter theme printable activity.  Obviously, I couldn’t think of anything other than a bunny and an egg and therefore, here is our Easter Egg matching activity.

This pack has 12 cards, and each card has a pattern and colour. So the child has to analyse which matching piece (the egg) has the same pattern+ colour and match it.

This is a free printable. Download it right now and make a Fun Easter Busy bag for your child.

So what is a busy bag?

A busy bag is a sealable bag containing small things that can keep toddlers/ preschoolers entertained during travel or at the doctor’s clinic. We, too, love busy bags, but we use these only at home. Here are a few Printable busy bags that I created. All these are free printables.

Check out this Blog, where you can find many easy-to-make busy bag ideas with things at home.

Easter Egg Busy bag Printable:

Kids love challenges. Every day, we try to extend each activity’s difficulty slightly, helping them with their development skills.  So, utilize this easter egg matching busy bag printable to improve their critical thinking skills, focus, concentration, hand grasp and visual perception.

What’s included in the Easter egg matching printable?

The PDF has 4 pages that you need to print. You will get 12 cards and 12 matching pieces.

How to make this activity?

  • Download the printable
  • Print them on cardstock using high-quality Printer settings.
  • Cut all the cards along the edges.
  • Cut out the matching pieces (The eggs). You can cut them either into rectangle pieces along the lines or in the shape of eggs along the edge.

Easter egg printable activity matching pieces

If you want them to be very long-lasting so that kids can play over and over again, I recommend laminating all the pieces after cutting. To make it more enjoyable for kids, You can attach self-adhesive velcro dots on the laminated cards and the eggs’ backside.

How to use it?

Arrange the cards and matching eggs randomly on a table. Encourage your toddler to match the eggs to the card that have the same pattern and colour.

Easter egg matching cards

This is a challenging activity, particularly if you want to try this with your toddler.  In order to not overwhelm the child, you can also customise it with fewer matching sets. Once they master it, you can introduce more cards.

How to store the cards?

The most eco-friendly way to store these cards is In Letter envelopes. This has been our favourite way to organise printable busy bag activities and many other paper-based activities.

Letter envelope that helps to store printable busy bag activities

The printable also includes a label, which you can cut and stick to the envelope. This label will help you to find the activity without opening the envelope.

Store the busy bag activity cards in an envelope

How to download the Easter Egg busy bag printable?

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Easter egg matching printable




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