Snowflake Magnifying Glass Matching Printable

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Get ready for a cool winter Activity for kids – The Snowflake Magnifying Glass Matching game! It’s all about discriminating Snowflakes and matching them using a magnifying glass!

It is Perfect for school or home, whether you’re in preschool, kindergarten, or first grade.

This game is a challenge for kid’s eyes and super fun!  The usage of Magnifying Glass in this Activity adds an extra layer of excitement for Kids!

Learn how to make and play this Winter matching game.



Snowflake Magnifying Glass Matching Printable

The Free Printable PDF includes 3 pages

  • 12 cards with big snowflakes
  • 12 cards with tiny snowflakes
  • One Label for Storage


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How to make and Play the Snowflake Magnifying Glass Matching game?

Ready to have some fun? Here’s how you set it up:

  1. Print the cards on cardstock and cut them out.
  2. Put the cards on a table with a magnifying glass.
  3. Encourage your child to carefully examine the tiny snowflakes through the lens and find their matching pairs.
  4. If it’s tricky for the kids, start with fewer cards, like 6 or 8.
Kid matching snowflake ptterns using magnifying glass
The child inspects the snowflake pattern with a magnifying glass
snowflake matching game
Child matching the snowflake patterns

This will not only improve their visual acuity but also spark a sense of curiosity and exploration.

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Make a Snowflake Matching Busy Bag:

Turn this snowflake Printable into a busy bag! We even have a label for you. Just pop the cards into an envelope for easy keeping and playing.

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Additional Activity Suggestion: File Folder Activity

Take the Snowflake Matching printable to the next level with a file folder activity:

  1. Laminate the sheets.
  2. Add transparent velcro on the Pages with the big snowflakes.
  3. Cut out the small snowflake cards
  4. Let the kids enjoy matching them up.

This would be a valuable addition to our Winter Busy Book with 11 interactive activities. See the other activities here

Have Fun learning with snowmen, sweaters and Everything icy!


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