Christmas Worksheets

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5 Free Printable Christmas Preschool Worksheets

Looking for Christmas Theme Printable activities for your Preschooler? Then these Colourful Christmas worksheets might be the perfect one.

This pack has 5 Worksheets to promote the Visual discrimination skills and Counting skills of preschoolers.

It is Freebie and the link to download the printable is available at the end of the post. No sign-up is required.

christmas worksheets

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that I will be compensated if you click through and take action at no additional cost. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

What’s included in the printable?

This Christmas worksheet contains 5 Activities suitable for kids above 3 years.

To do this activity, the child should be able to hold a pencil and draw a line/circle. You can read aloud the instruction and make the child understand each activity.

Here is the list of Activities included in the printable pack.

  • Match the wreath by colour
  • Match the trees By silhouette
  • Count the ornaments
  • Find the Red-Nose Happy Reindeer
  • Count and Write – I spy worksheet

Scroll on to see the pictures of all the activities.

The first two pages are Matching activities where the kid has to draw the line and match it to the exact similar image.

All images are closely similar to one another and thus a challenging activity that helps the kid to improve their Visual Discrimination skills.

Christmas wreath and Tree matching worksheet

Another fun worksheets where the child finds the right Reindeer. Note that the child has to see two aspects in all the deers, it should have a red-nose and Be happy. So another challenging worksheet!

The fourth one is a counting worksheet, prepared with ten frames. Let the child count the ornaments and arrange an equivalent number of pebbles or Beads on each frame.

Christmas reindeer and xmas tree worksheet

The last sheet is an “I spy” worksheet, Find and count the Christmas emojis and Write the numbers in the respective boxes.

I spy game Christmas theme worksheets

Do you like these worksheets? Print them right away.

How to download these Christmas Worksheets?

Please click the below button and the Pdf will open in a new tab. Download it and then print them from a PDF Reader.

Please note that the Printable is for personal or classroom use only. Any Redistribution or altering is not allowed.

If you have a family or friend who would like a have this, please send them over to this post to download their own copy.

Not ready to print now? Pin this image on your child’s educational board to visit later.

Free primtable christmas worksheets for kids

I have designed this for one-time use. However, if you want to use it multiple times, consider doing one of the following.

  • You can Laminate them all and use wipe clean markers, and clean them each time.
  • Use these wipe clean Pouches. Also known as Dry-erase pocket.  You can slide the worksheets into these pockets and wipe them when done.

wipe clean pouches for worksheets

The pouches are thick and very transparent, and kids will love to use them compared to the thin and semi-transparent sheet protectors.

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More Christmas Activities

Check out different printable activities for your child in this article.

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Thank you for reading through this post!! If you found these worksheets helpful, please let me know in the comment section because I would love to hear from you!

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