Tricolour Paper Flower Craft

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Creating these fantastic Tricolour Paper Flower Crafts might initially seem challenging, but it’s actually quite simple, especially if you have a 5 cm circle punch at hand!

We crafted this piece as a part of Independence Day activities for kids, incorporating the tricolour scheme of saffron, white, and green. However, you can apply the same technique to fashion flowers in any colour palette.

Opt for red and green for Christmas, or an array of hues for Easter – it’s another delightful method to produce stunning blossoms.

Now, let me guide you through the process of crafting this straightforward project.

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Indian Flag Tricolour flower Craft

Things needed to make Tricolour Paper Flower Craft

  • Cardstock Paper in Green, Orange and White
  • 5 cm Circle Punch
  • Paper Straw
  • Asoka Chakra Template (Download at the end of the post)

Watch the video on How to make this Flower Craft

Directions to make the Tricolour Paper Flower Craft

Let’s kick off by using a circle punch to create circles from cardstock paper. You’ll likely require around 8 or 9 circles in each of the three colours: saffron, white, and green.

Employing a circle punch significantly streamlines the process, taking just about a minute to cut all three circles. I won’t even mention the potentially extended duration it could take if you were to cut them out with scissors and mark them with pencils!

Circle punch craft

Now that the circles are prepared, the next step involves making two folds on each circle, resembling flower petals.

Fold the circles

Refer to the image above w for guidance and create these two folds on each petal. It should mimic the appearance of a flower petal. For clearer instructions, you can also refer to the video provided.

Create a Paper flower

With the flower petals crafted, it’s time to assemble them into a circular formation, creating a flower. Use another circle as a base and adhere the petal pieces to it.

Green paper Flower

Replicate this process for all three colours. It’s remarkably straightforward to accomplish.

Orange paper flower

Print out the chakra template and cut out the 2cm Ashoka Chakra. Affix it onto the white flower.

Tricolour Paper flower

You can either leave the craft as is and use it as wall decor, or attach a paper string using tape.

Tricolour Paper flower

And that’s all there is to making this tricolour paper flower craft! Add the flowers to a Vase and Put it on a Table or Display shelf!

Tricolour Paper flower

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed engaging in this craft activity!

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Indian Flag Tricolour flower Craft


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