Earth Day Flower Craft

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What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a delightful Earth flower craft that kids will relish creating and playing with afterwards?

Earth Day is an important reminder to take care of our planet and the environment we live in. It is essential to teach children the importance of caring for our planet from a young age.

Let’s all do our part to care for the planet, and celebrate Earth Day with this sweet and adorable Earth Day flower craft.

Earth day flower craft

Earth Day Flower Craft

This cute Earth Day flower craft with cupcake liners is ideal for children of all ages. And can be created in just a few minutes!

Things you will need to make this Earth Day Flower


To get started, first, download and print the Earth cutout template provided. There are 5 templates in the blog from large to small. Apparently, You will be printing the smallest one in the pack.

Earth in small size colour printable

Next, take the cupcake liners and fringe the outer edge using scissors. Then, paste the Earth cutout onto the centre of the cupcake liner.

Earth Printable craft

Now, take the popsicle stick and glue it onto the back of the cupcake liner, leaving enough space at the bottom to form the stem.

Cupcake lines earth Flower craft

Finally, attach two green leaves made of construction paper or use real leaves to complete the flower.

Cupcake line earth flower craft

These sweet Earth Day daisies are not only easy to make, but they also serve as a great reminder of the importance of caring for our planet. It’s a fun craft that kids can do at home, in school or at any Earth Day event.

Earth Day flower Craft

This Earth Day flower craft is a great way to celebrate the importance of taking care of our planet while also having fun. It’s a simple and easy craft that kids of all ages will enjoy. And the free printable Earth cutout template makes it even easier to get started.

Download the Earth Template

I have created Earth templates in all sizes for Arts and Craft Projects. You can also learn many craft ideas to do with the Earth Template printable. 

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Earth Day Ideas for Kids

Learn how to make a beautiful Torn paper Earth craft with a free Printable Template

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