Self Blooming Paper Flowers

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Paper Flowers that bloom Magically

Surprise your Child with these Self blooming paper flowers! All you need to do is drop them on water and see the magic.  Kids of all ages will love this activity! 

It is also a fun Science activity! They are easy to make, and you can make them with any paper you have at home.

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How to make these Self blooming paper flowers

To make these flowers, you need just some Papers and scissors. And, of course, water on a tray to see the magic. 

The making process is quite simple. First, cut the paper into a square, cut it in a flower shape, fold all the petals towards the centre, and drop it in water. Then see the magic!!

This video explains how to make these Self-Blooming Paper flowers. You can also see different types of paper flowers blooming. 



You can also make flowers in different sizes, colours, and varying petals to make them more interesting for kids. 

We tried with newspapers, tissue paper, cardstock sheets, etc. We loved the newspapers ones because it blooms really fast. The thickness of the paper influences the blooming time. The thicker the paper, the longer is the blooming time. 

So what’s the science behind these Magic flowers?

Paper is made of cellulose, which water molecules like to stick to. So when paper touches the water, the cellulose absorbs water and swells up. The paper expands, soak up, and this caused the folds to flatten. 

This is the reason why the paper blooms. 

self blooming paper flowers

As you have seen in the video, Flowers made with Thin papers bloom immediately, and thick papers take a minute or so. 

Try this with your kids with several different kinds of paper to see for yourself!

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