Handprint Haunted House

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Get ready to turn your little one into an architect for a spooky delight! This Halloween, gather your supplies for a delightful craft adventure – the Handprint Haunted House!

This Halloween Handprint Craft is perfect for the younger crowd to transform their handprints into a charming, spooky masterpiece.

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Now, let’s dive into our haunted house craft.

Things you need to make the Handprint Haunted House

Watch a Video on how to make the Handprint Haunted house

Directions to make the Haunted House Craft

To get started on this delightful Halloween craft, simply download the haunted house template located at the end of this post. Print it on sturdy cardstock paper.

It’s a flexible and customizable craft that can adapt to your child’s unique hand size.

Haunted House Template

Once your prints are ready, use the Template to cut out the roof and base from black cardstock paper, the windows from yellow cardstock paper, and the ghost from white cardstock.

Additionally, create a cutout of your child’s handprint using black cardstock.

Cutting pieces of haunted house template

Now that all the pieces are prepared, it’s time to assemble them. Begin by attaching the base to the bottom of the handprint, followed by the roofs on the fingertips.

Handprint Haunted House Craft

Next, affix the door at the centre above the base. You have the freedom to place the windows wherever you like and stick the ghosts.

For more detail, use a black marker to add frames to the door and windows. You can also create eyes and a mouth for the ghost. Don’t forget to outline the ghost’s body for an enhanced look.

Adding details to the haunted house

And just like that, your craft is complete! This project is one of the simplest Halloween crafts you can enjoy making with your child.

We hope you find this idea both charming and convenient. To get started, download the printable provided at the end of this post and try it with your little one.

Halloween Handprint Art

If you’re searching for an easy Halloween handprint art project suitable for infants, here’s a delightful idea. Simply dip your child’s hand in paint and gently press it onto a piece of paper. Later on, you can add details by painting a roof and windows, much like the Haunted House craft we just explored.

Be sure to pin this for a fun Halloween activity to enjoy with your infant!

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Download the Handprint Haunted House template

This haunted house template is designed to accommodate handprints of kids aged 3 to 6.

However, don’t worry, if you need to adjust the size to fit your child’s hand. You can easily do so by tweaking the scale in your printer settings.

Download the Free printable by clicking here






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