Toilet Paper Roll Walrus

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Gather your craft supplies and let’s transform a simple TP roll into an adorable Walrus friend! This fun craft is perfect for kids of all ages, encouraging imagination and creativity.

With our free template, you’ll have your Toilet Paper Roll Walrus ready to play in no time.

You’ll be amazed at how this 5-minute craft unfolds—quick, simple, and loads of creative joy await!

Toilet Paper Roll Walrus Craft

Walruses are highly social animals and are often found in large groups. Residing in the Arctic, these herds can comprise hundreds to even thousands of individuals.

For a comprehensive understanding of the diverse wildlife inhabiting this region, explore the Arctic Animals Learning Pack.

Toilet Paper Roll Walrus Craft

Things you will need to make the Toilet Paper Roll Walrus Craft

Video on how to make Toilet Paper Roll Walrus Craft

Directions to make the Toilet Paper Roll Walrus Craft

Start crafting by painting a Toilet paper roll in a rich brown shade, ensuring even coverage. Allow it to dry completely for 10-15 minutes, transforming it into a sturdy walrus base.

Painting toilet paper roll Brown

Next, utilize the Walrus template to carefully cut out the walrus’s facial features – eyes, nose, and tusks as cutouts from the printable and Nose and Flippers from brown craft paper.

These pieces are tiny.  For little ones, adult assistance may be necessary to handle the intricate details.

Walrus craft Template

Once the paint is dry and the pieces are ready, it’s time to assemble your walrus creation. Begin by gently attaching the eyes, followed by the tusks, and finally, the brown nose piece.

Walrus craft for kids

Now, affix the walrus’s flippers, ensuring they are securely fastened to the bottom of the toilet paper roll base. Your adorable walrus craft is complete!

Walrus Craft

To enhance your walrus, add some details like whiskers using a fine-tip marker.

Toilet Paper Roll Walrus Craft with free template

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If you’re running low on toilet paper rolls, you can easily purchase packs specifically designed for kids’ crafts.

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Toilet Paper Roll Walrus Craft

Download the Toilet Paper Roll Walrus Template

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