Paper plate Cow Craft

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Transform your Child’s afternoon into an exciting Farming frenzy with this super simple, ultra-adorable Paper Plate Cow Craft! Gather up a few supplies and you’ll have these cutesy cows ready in no time – perfect for farm-themed activities or Letter Cc lessons.

And if that weren’t enough cuteness… surprise them by turning this paper plate craft into a creative mask they can wear!

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Paper Plate Cow Craft

We love Paper plate crafts and this Cow craft is perfect for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten kids! It is a simple craft where you need very few Supplies to make the project.

Supplies you will need

Directions to Make a Paper Plate Cow Craft

Begib by painting 2–3 random large black spots on the white paper plate. These will be the cow’s spots. Feel free to encourage your child to do the spots as they want! Now let the paper plate dry completely.

Now Download the free cow template at the end of the post. Print and cut out the pieces.

Use the mouth and Horn template to cut Pieces from Pink sheet and Black sheet respectively. For Eyes and ears, we will be using part of  the template.

After glueing draw the nostrils and mouth using a Black marker.

Paper plate cow templates


The base plate and Pieces are ready! Take the eyes and Nose to glue them to the paper plate.

The next step is to glue the ears and the Horns on the rear of the paper plate. You can optionally add details on the Horns and ears with the black marker.

Paper plate cow

So here is the cutest Cow on the farm! Unleash your kid’s creativity with this fun project! Download the fab cow template, print it out and let them cut away.

Want to do it later? Then pin this image on your craft board for kids.

paper plate cow

Download the Cow Template

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If you are looking for more paper Plate Animal craft, chck out this Paper Plate Peacock.

Simialr Easy Animal crafts for Kids

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