Paper Plate Chick Craft

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Are you looking for a creative craft that can be done with simple, easily-accessible items around your home? Look no further! Today I am sharing a fun and easy craft for kids of all ages – the Paper Plate Chick Craft.

Not only does this cute little chick require minimal materials and effort, but it also makes for a great decoration for the upcoming Easter holiday.

Paper plate Chick craft for Easter

This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Paper Plate Chick Craft

This is a super easy craft that you can also do without a Template. But if you need the eyes and beaks, Download the Chick Template at the end of the post.

Things You’ll Need to Make This Chick Craft

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Directions to make Paper Plate chick

Begin by cutting a paper plate in half.

Paint the paper plate yellow for chick craft

Then proceed to paint the rear side of the Plate with a coat of yellow paint. Allow the plate to dry for 10 minutes.

Yellow painted paper plate

While waiting for the plate to dry, utilize the chick template to cut out the necessary pieces in their respective colours –  beak, 2 legs, and a wing.

Chick template pieces

Glue the cut-out pieces onto the plate as indicated by the template.  Begin by Sticking the Eyes and Beak.

Paper plate eyes

Attach the legs to the paper plate chick in a manner that pleases you, creating the impression that it is either walking or standing.

Stick the wings and legs on the Chick craft

If you prefer, you can substitute the paper wings with your child’s handprint to craft wings.

Have you had a chance to explore Easter Handprint Art for kids? It entails printing the template and constructing gorgeous handprint cards or keepsakes.

Finally, For an added touch, attach a feather to the wing to enhance the overall appearance.

Voila! Your charming chick craft is now complete.

Glue the wings to the paper plate chick

What better way to keep the kids busy that a Holiday Craft like this?  Crafts provide a unique opportunity for parents and children to bond while also allowing kids to learn new skills.

Paper plate chick craft with free template

So ready to make your Easter Paper Plate Chick?

Download the Free Chick Template

Get crafting with this free template! Just click on the button below to download the Paper Plate Chick Template.

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