Potato stamp Butterfly Art

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Spring is in the Air and we are making a ton of Spring Crafts at home! Today, I wanted to share a brilliant idea, that we tried last week, The Potato Stamp Butterfly Art!

This is so much fun and a very easy way for kids to make Beautiful Butterfly art prints!

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This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Potato Stamp Butterfly Art

Potato stamping is a great way to get kids interested in art.  Kids will love seeing their art come to life as they stamp away. Let’s make a Butterfly today with a Potato Stamp, I will show you how in this blog with photos, directions and a Video.

Things you need

To make this Potato Stamp Butterfly Art, you need very few things.

Watch a Video of us creating the Butterflies! 


Make Butterfly Stamp with Potato? 

Cut the Potato into 4 Equal Pieces. You need two of them to make a Butterfly Stamp. Arrange them adjacent to each other and Insert a Toothpick, till it firmly holds the two pieces together.

How to make a potato stamp for Butterfly art

Pat the potato stamp dry with a paper towel. The Projecting end of the Topic to lift is very convenient to lift and make stamp art.

Create the Butterfly Print

Prepare the paint on a flat surface, You can use a combination of any contrast colours to get amazing results. We used Blue, yellow and pink.

Dip the potato stamp into the paint.

Firmly press the Potato stamp onto a piece of paper for 2 seconds. Slowly lift the stamp from the paper and Repeat to make a pattern.

Potato stamp butterfly art

Now that the Beautiful wings are ready, we will make the Butterfly body and antennae with black paint. Use a Spong brush and make the body. A Q-Tip would be perfect to draw the Antennae.

Butterfly paint art

Easy butterfly art

Your Beautiful Butterfly prints are ready! You can use these stamps for Making greeting cards, Bookmarks, Gift wraps, book covers or in many ways.

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