Paper Plate Sheep Craft

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This adorable woolly Paper plate Sheep Craft is perfect for any time of the year but particularly delightful during the spring season. With a free template included, this craft is easy to follow and perfect for a fun family activity or a classroom project.

Paper plate sheep craft

This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Paper Plate Sheep Craft

In this blog, we’ll show you how to make a beautifully textured sheep that’s sure to be a hit with children of all ages. Children will relish the opportunity to affix cotton balls onto the sheep and produce a stunning woollen texture.

Things You’ll Need to Make a Sheep Craft

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Directions to make Paper Plate Sheep

Download and print the free sheep template provided at the end of this post. Use the template to Cut out the pieces of legs, face, and ears on black paper. For Eyes, just use the ones from the template.

Cut out the pieces for paper plate sheep craft with the free template

Next, place the face and ears on the paper plate and mark the outline.

Paper plate sheep crt -progress

mark face outline

Remove the face and ears, then glue cotton balls to the areas outside the marked lines.

Glue the cotton balls as wool of the sheep

Once you’ve covered the entire area, stick the face and ear pieces back onto the paper plate.

Stick the face of the sheep

Finally, Stick the eyes on the face and Stick the legs to the rear of the Paper plate.

Add eyes and legs to the paper plate

Your woolly sheep is now complete!

Paper plate sheep craft

You can hang it on the wall and enjoy it. This is also a perfect craft project to include in your farm-themed activities, so get creative and have fun!

Don’t Let your great ideas get lost in the shuffle – pin it now for later!

Paper plate sheep craft with free template

Getting excited about making this craft? Grab the template and start right away!

Download the Free Sheep Template

Simply enter your email address here to secure the free template in your inbox.

This Printable has sheep templates that can be used in two different ways

  • the first one you use as a template to cut on colour paper.
  • The Second one can be directly printed on colour paper and then cut into pieces.



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