Paper Plate Christmas Tree

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The Christmas tree is an inseparable part of every Christmas, and it is time for an Easy paper plate Christmas Tree Craft that can indulge and entertain the kids.

A super easy, quick, and full of Christmas spirit craft that is also good for decorations and displays.

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Easy and quick Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft


Things you will need to make Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Watch a video on how to make Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Directions to make Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Take a paper plate and paint it green on the bottom side.

Let it dry completely.

Paint the paper plate green

Fold the sheet in half to make an impression so it can be cut into two halves. Cut the plate with a pair of scissors along the impression.

Repeat this to cut the plate into 4 pieces.

Fold and cut the plate into 4 pieces to form the branches

Take three pieces and stack them one above the other like the branches of our tree.

Cut a bit off the edges of the top piece to form the top part of our tree.

Make one piece smaller to form the top branch.

Take an ice cream stick, and glue the branches to it so it forms the trunk. Cut a star shape out of the Gold Glitter paper and stick it on the top.

Glue the branches to an ice cream stick and the star to the top of the branch.

Now, onto the final part, Dip your fingertip in paint and Stamp it gently to the branches of our tree. Use 3 or 4 colours to randomly cover the tree.

Use your fingertips to paint our paper plate christmas tree with red and blue colours.

Let the paint dry; our tree is now ready.

Our green Christmas tree is ready with red and blue paint and a golden star

Involve your kids in this activity, and let the Christmas spirit fill your house this Christmas.

Would you like to simplify the craft for kids? Instead of using white plates and painting them green, you can opt for coloured plates, making it a mess-free activity.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft

Alternative tree decorating options include buttons, pom-poms, and glitter stones—ideal if you prefer to avoid using paint with kids!

Save this step-by-step visual guide for your future reference.

Step-by-step guide to make paper plate Christmas tree craft


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