Summer Crafts for kids

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Summer is a great time for kids to let their creative spirits soar! That’s why we have compiled 22 of the Cutest and Easiest Summer Crafts for Kids!

All these Crafts can be completed within 30 minutes with supplies you likely already have at home.

Most of these are simple paper Crafts, making these crafts ideal projects for kids. Easy summer Crafts for kids

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Toilet Paper Frog

Create a fun, hoppin’ friend using a toilet paper roll, paint, and a bit of creativity. This easy-to-make Frog craft is perfect for an afternoon of summer fun.

Frog craft template

Paper Plate Beach Craft

Create a beachy paradise on a paper plate with paint, glue, Paper and some imagination. This craft captures the essence of summer fun by the shore.

Beach on a Paper plate Craft for kids

Handprint Crab

Use your little one’s handprints to craft an adorable crab. This easy and engaging project will have kids feeling like they’re at the beach.

Handprint Crab Craft with Free Template

Potato Stamp Ice cream

Make summer art with potato stamps shaped like ice cream cones. This is so Easy and fun that Kids will love to make more and more Icecreams!

Potato Stamp Ice cream craft

Fork Painted Campfire

Create a cosy campfire painting using a fork to make the flames on the Free Template. It’s a quick and creative project!

Handprint Flamingo

Turn your handprint into a fabulous flamingo with this colourful and fun project.

Flamingo craft for Preschool

Toilet paper Roll Popsicles

Transform toilet paper rolls into colourful popsicles that look good enough to eat. This fun craft is perfect for kids to celebrate summer treats.

Toilet Paper Roll popsicles

Tin can Piggy bank

Recycle a tin can into a cute piggy bank. Paint and decorate to make saving money fun and creative for kids.

Potato stamp Butterflies

Stamping is so much fun and results in colourful butterflies that kids will love to make!

Q-Tip Daisy Craft

Use Q-tips and playdough to create charming daisy flowers. This activity is great for developing fine motor skills!

Q tip FLower Craft

Zig Zag Paper Mango Craft

Make paper mangoes to celebrate the tropical vibes of summer. This craft also helps kids develop fine motor skills!

Mango Craft

Daisy Letter Board

Daisies are everywhere in summer. Collect some to make this engaging letter creation activity, which is also great for fine motor skills!

Letter S daisy Board

Paper Rangoli Craft

Create colourful paper rangoli designs inspired by traditional Indian art. Use the free SVG template to cut and create hundreds of rangolis.

Rangoli paper Craft

Q-Tip Painted Firework

Use Q-tips to paint stunning fireworks on dark paper. This is an interesting way to make fireworks art, especially suitable for the 4th of July!

Q-Tip Painted Firework Craft

Toilet Paper Roll octopus craft

This octopus craft is perfect for underwater-themed summer fun. Easy to make and delightful to play with!

Green Octopus Toilet Paper Roll

Summer Cut and Paste Craft

Combine cutting and pasting to create an ice cream, coconut drink, and a boat.

Summer cut and paste crafts

Fork Painted Sun Craft

Use a fork to paint a bright and cheerful sun. This unique technique makes for a fun and easy summer art project.

Fork painted sun craft

Rainbow Fish Craft

Make a beautiful rainbow fish with colourful scales using the template. A great book-inspired craft to do this summer.

Toilet Paper roll Macaw

This craft is perfect for kids who love tropical birds.

Glass pebble Bees

Make busy bees with glass pebbles and tape! A unique project suitable for upper elementary kids.

Glass pebble Honey Bee

Handprint Pineapple

Another tropical craft using a child’s handprints – easy to make and so much fun!

Handprint Pineapple Craft

Paper plate cow

Make a charming cow using a paper plate and some paint. Not only for summer but it can be made any time of the year.

All these summer crafts for kids are so easy, and suitable for Preschoolers as well!

Which one would you like to do? Head over to the respective blog, See instructions, Download the craft template, and start right away!

We keep adding new craft projects that we do, so Be sure to check back regularly for new Summer Crafts for kids. You can also pin this blog to your kid’s craft board!

Easy summer Crafts for kids

 Summer Printables for Kids

Combine these summer crafts with fun and Educational Summer resources for Young Learners!

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Educational Printables for kids

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