Christmas Crafts, Printables and Activities for Kids

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Christmas Crafts, printables and Activities for kids

Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated holidays globally. I have created a collection of more than 30 Enchanting Christmas crafts, printables, and Activities.

These are designed to captivate children’s attention, foster learning, and keep them engaged during the holidays!

Let’s make this Christmas 2024 a memorable and educational celebration with these exciting activities.!

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Easy Christmas Tree Crafts

Unveil the joy of Holiday creativity with Christmas tree crafts!

Here are 3 Easy and Cool Christmas Tress ideas for young kids.

Torn Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Explore more Christmas Tree Crafts for kids of all ages.

We also have a DIY project for Adults – Pista Shell Christmas Tree

Santa Crafts for kids

These Santa crafts will add even more joy to Christmas!

Torn Paper Santa hat craft

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Christmas Busy Book Printable

This is an incredible book for Toddlers/Preschoolers that you can create at home using our printables.

It allows kids to playfully learn shapes, colours, numbers, letters, and more this Christmas!

The Perfect Pre-Christmas Gift for Young Learners.

Christmas Printables for Kids

Christmas Charades Cards Printable
Would you Rather Questions for kids
Christmas Maze Printable PDF Free

Nativity Activities for Kids

Looking for Religious Activities for Kids? Here are some Nativity Themed Ideas

Nativity Finger Puppets Printable
Nativitity Colouring Page

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Make your own Nativity Characters, The Manger and the Shed with the Printable.

Nativity printable

Ideal for setting up a kid-friendly nativity scene at your home.

Fork-Painted Christmas Crafts

Experience the joy of painting with unconventional tools, such as forks.

These fork-painting Christmas crafts are delightful choices that kids will love!

Baby Jesus Craft

DIY Christmas Games for Kids

If you are a DIY enthusiast, create these Christmas games for children using cardboard and basic supplies.

These cost-effective methods provide a great way to craft delightful toys for the holiday season.

cardboard wreath game
Santa Roll and Cut game

Christmas Activity Pack

Introducing our Printable Activity Pack for your little one can have a blast during Christmas

Tired of endless searches for Different Printable Activities?

This bundle is your solution, offering a wide array of engaging Christmas-themed activities for children aged 3 and up.

With a total of 61 pages, it guarantees a week of fun while keeping preschoolers entertained and learning.

Instantly downloadable, it’s the perfect way to Print, Play, Learn, and Have Fun this Holiday!

Torn Paper Crafts for kids

Tearing paper Crafts helps kids to Improve their Fine motor Skills.

Make an Ornament or Candy cane or Present with Torn papers and a Free Printable Template

Torn Paper Ornament Craft
Torn Paper Candy Cane
Torn Paper Present craft

Checkout 7 Christmas Torn Paper Crafts

Hands-on Activities {Free printable}

santa bread trim scissor skill
Presents Busy Bag printable
Snowman Hat matching Game

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Toilet Paper Roll Ornaments

Here are two Toilet Paper roll Crafts to make Cool Ornaments for your Christmas tree

Toilet Paper Roll Ornament
Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Explore more Christmas Activities for Kids

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Christmas Crafts, printables and Activities for kids
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