Fork Painted Santa Craft

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Introducing an exciting and simple craft idea for preschoolers and toddlers this holiday season – the Fork-Painted Santa Craft.

Our free printable Santa Template makes this creative project a cakewalk. Discover various other ways to utilize the Santa Template for fantastic crafts in the blog’s final section.

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Now, let’s dive into crafting this delightful Santa.

Things you need to make Fork Painted Santa Craft

  • Santa Template
  • White Paint
  • Fork
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock Paper

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Directions to Make Fork-Painted Santa Craft

Download the Santa template at the end of the post and print it on thick cardstock paper for durability.

 Santa Template
Pour white paint onto a flat surface, like a plastic plate, ensuring easy dipping for the fork. Grab a sturdy steel fork from the kitchen.

Dip the fork into the paint, covering the bottom fully, and stamp it onto Santa’s chin.


Santa Fork Painting

For optimal results, consider placing the sheet upside down, with the fork’s pointy edge facing downwards.

Santa Fork Painting

Paint the beard as long and dense as desired.

Santa Fork Painting

Let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes. Fork painted Santa Craft

Cut out the Santa Out after the sheet dries.  That’s all it takes to create a charming fork-painted Santa!

Fork painted Santa Craft

For younger kids, cutting out the Santa is optional.

Enjoy this easy craft! Download the Santa Template at the end of the post.

Additional Ideas to Explore with the Santa Template:

  1. Stamp white paint using a circular sponge brush to create Santa’s beard.
  2. Use cotton to craft a fluffy Santa beard.
  3. Paste marshmallows for a unique and textured touch.
  4. Experiment with torn papers to add an artistic element.
  5. Incorporate circular paper loops (refer to a similar DIY Santa game with loops for inspiration).

Get creative with these suggestions to enhance your Santa craft and make it even more festive!

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Download the Santa Template

Click on the link below to download your Santa Template for free.

Santa Fork Painting – LL


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