Fork-Painted Wreath Craft

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Children will find great joy in crafting this delightful Fork-Painted Wreath for Christmas. This project is perfect for engaging kids in creative activities as it’s low on mess and doesn’t demand specialized skills or equipment.

They have the freedom to pick their favourite colours and relish in the process of crafting their very own one-of-a-kind wreath

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Fork-Painted Wreath Craft

Things you’ll need to make the Fork Painted Wreath

Directions to make a Fork-Painted Wreath Craft

You can make this wreath craft with our free printable template. This makes it easy enough that even younger kids can do it! Here’s how to do it.

Download the template at the end of the post and print it on Thick paper. Cut the Red Bow out.

Gently dip the Fork in the Paint and Place it over the Circle on the Paper.

Repeat the process until the circle is fully covered.

fork painting

Continue the process by changing the angle of the fork and making patterns of the wreath all around.

Make the Wreath denser. The fork creates the beautiful pattern of the wreath. For a more appealing look use different shapes of green.

Now let’s make some colourful dots with Q-Tips and paint. You can Stick small-sized Pom Poms to give a 3D effect.

wreath with fork painting

The Fork-Painted wreath is almost done!

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Complete the Wreath look by pasting the bow over the Wreath.

The wreath is ready! Once completed, it can be proudly displayed on the wall or door, adding a festive touch to your holiday decor.

Fork painted wreath

I hope you liked this easy craft idea made with Fork.  On our Website we have a number of Fork Painting Art Ideas, check them out as well!

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Download the Template

Although you can do this craft without a template, it is much easier when you do it with a template. Get the wreath Template now by signing up in the form below. The printable has 2 wreath templates.

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