3 Advent Calendar Printables for Kids

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We’ve got three amazing Advent Calendar Printables designed for kids, and each one is a unique and exciting way to count down to Christmas!

In 2021, we kicked off this Christmas countdown tradition, introducing new ideas Each year. And guess what? We’re planning to create more ideas in the coming year as well!

Best part? I’ve created all these as free printables, so you and your kids can enjoy the festive fun together!

Make sure to explore all our Christmas ideas for kids.

3 Advent Calender Printables for kids

What exactly is an Advent Calendar?

If you’re new to the idea, it’s a Christmas countdown. Traditionally, it’s a calendar with small doors containing sweet treats or candies. Kids open one each day, ticking off the days until Christmas.

There are countless ways to make an Advent Calendar, but our Printable Advent Calendars are perfect for those seeking an easy and budget-friendly option.

Let’s dive into our 3 Advent Calendar Printables:

1. Santa Beard Advent Calendar Printable

When kids think of Christmas, Santa and gifts are top of mind. Santa is the heart of Christmas!

Our popular Santa Beard Advent Calendar printable lets kids add a cotton ball to Santa’s beard each day. When the beard is full, it’s Christmas!

Santa beard advent calender printable

Download your Santa Beard Advent Calendar.

2. Advent Calendar Activity Cards Printable

This one’s intriguing! Daily, kids get task cards with simple activities that take 10 to 30 minutes.

Crafts, drawings, baking, and decorating—there are over 40 options! Want to create your own? We’ve got customized blank templates too.

Advent Calender activity cards Printable

Download your Advent Calendar Activity Cards!

3. Nativity Advent Calendar  printable

A religious countdown to Christmas, and the simplest of all three. Download the free printable, hang it in your child’s room, and each day, kids colour a star.

When they colour the biggest star above Baby Jesus, Christmas is here!

Nativity Advent calender printable

Download your Nativity Advent Calendar!

So, which one do you want to download for your child this year? Let us know!

If it’s mid-December and you’re just getting started, no worries! Begin your countdown anytime. Your child will love it, regardless.

Starting in 2021, I began this Advent tradition, brainstorming new ideas every year. More additions are coming every year, so I recommend you pin this post to check back for the next Christmases.

3 Advent Calender Printables for kids

Nativity Finger Puppets for Kids

Experience a captivating storytelling session with Nativity Finger Puppets, bringing the story to life. Featuring 11 finger puppets adorned with kid-friendly illustrations, this promises to be a beloved activity for kids!


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3 Non-Candy Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids

This year, step away from the sugary sweetness and embrace the charm of non-candy surprises that will turn each day into a celebration.

1. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Science Advent Calendar: 24 Days of Science –  Unleash excitement daily with 13 captivating experiments and collect 11 stunning specimens. On the final day, there is a Special surprise!

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Science Advent Calendar 2024 – Jumbo Kids Advent Calendar with 24 Science Experiments, Rocks, Fossils, Plus Storage Bag, Christmas Countdown Calendar, Mini Gemstone Dig Kit

2. My World Advent Calendar: Explore the world (24 countries), learn cool facts about that place and do one Special craft from that country each day! Perfect for kids who love Crafts! 

My World Advent Calendar 2023 “Visit” 24 countries and come back just in time for Christmas day! Explore different cultures, create your original Arts & Crafts gift from each country!Ages 9+

3. Lego Friends Advent Calendar offers 24 mini builds, including 3 characters, Santa, a reindeer, a sleigh, and Christmas activities. Ideal for ages 6+, it’s a pre-Christmas gift packed with role-play fun.

LEGO Friends 2022 Advent Calendar 41706 Building Toy Set; 24 Gifts and Holiday Toys, Including Santa’s Sleigh; for Kids, Boys and Girls, Ages 6+ (312 Pieces)


Whichever you choose, I hope you have a wonderful Advent time with your kids. Check out Christmas Ideas for Kids for more Fun.







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