Advent Calendar Activity Cards

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Get ready for a festive hit with the kids! Last year, we crafted these Christmas Advent Calendar Activity Cards, and my daughter absolutely adored them.

I’ve revamped them with new tasks and even included a blank template for your personal touch.

This is a Free printable – enjoy the holiday spirit!

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Advent Calendar Activity Cards printable

What exactly is an Advent calendar?

An Advent calendar is a delightful method for counting down to Christmas. While various approaches exist, we adhere to the traditional method, commencing on December 1 instead of the typical Sunday start.

Consequently, all our printables feature either

  • The 24-day countdown to Christmas Eve or
  • The 25-day countdown to Christmas.

What does the Activity Cards Printable contain?

Designed with Advent calendars in mind, These cards have Christmas activity ideas for kids perfect for the holiday season.

This compilation includes simple activities that kids can undertake independently, as well as activities that require family involvement.

Additionally, it has a variety of craft projects, drawing tasks, and household responsibilities such as cleaning and decorating.

Advent Calendar Activity Cards printable

Despite requiring only a maximum of 25 cards, this set has 40 options, allowing you to select activities that best fit your family and ensure a delightful time.

Some cards require a bit of advanced planning. For Example the cards with:

  • You have a Surprise present under the Bed.
  • Visit the Christmas Market
  • Watch 2 Christmas movies back to back.

So please plan or choose cards accordingly. Additionally, we’ve included some blank cards, providing you with the flexibility to personalize and write down your own festive activities.

How to use these advent calendar Activity cards printable?

1- Download: Sign up at the end of the post and get the printable.

2- Print: There are 6 pages Print them all including the blank Templates.

3-Customise: Use the black templates to write some activity ideas that your child might love.

4- Cut:  There are a total of 40 activity cards. Choose the ones that are suitable for you and cut the cards out.

5-Fold and Place them inside the Advent boxes: Insert them inside Calenders for kids.

On certain days, consider adding candies randomly alongside the task cards – it adds an element of surprise that kids will eagerly anticipate.

Planning the order is crucial, ensuring you know what’s scheduled for the upcoming days. For instance, if it involves baking cookies, allocating time and preparing all the necessary supplies is key.

However, customization is always an option. Print two or three blank Template Pages and tailor the activities to suit your home.

Wishing you loads of fun with these cards!

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Download the Advent Calender Activity cards printable



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