Letter to Santa Printable

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This holiday season, why not add a little more magic for your kids? Have them write to Santa with this Letter to Santa Printable so they can share their Christmas wishes. Let the anticipation of Jolly Old St Nick’s arrival on Christmas Eve fill their hearts with joy!

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Letter to Santa Printable

Writing a letter to Santa is a fun Christmas Tradition for kids. If you have not done this before, I recommend you try it this year!

Writing letters to Santa is the perfect way for them – and you! – to make their wishes known. Plus, all that letter writing can get quite creative with our  Free Printable Letters to Santa templates.

We have 2 templates – one for kids who can write and the other for kids who are yet to Write.

This helps little kids to draw a picture of the Toy on their wishlist.

You can download the PDF at the end of the post. No sign-up is required to download these PDFs.

Or you can also save these two images and print them off. But for better results, Kindly print the PDF version.


Download the Santa Letter printable template

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This festive season, let’s fill hearts with joy and warm wishes.

May your families be blessed abundantly in love, health and happiness this holiday! Hoping Santa grants all of the special wishes you have been dreaming up!

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