Christmas free printables

Looking for free Christmas activities and printables for your kid? Look no further. Today, what we have for you is a wide range of freebies for kids from ages 2.5+.

I have been working on these for almost a week and I am very glad to share these resources with you. Enjoy!

Before you scroll on to see each activity, I wanted to showcase our DIY nativity set. It’s a digital printable which you can easily turn into a nativity scene.DIY Nativity scene

Free Christmas printables

We have 7 sets of Christmas printables. Please scroll on to see them all and the instruction to download is available after the list.

free christmas printables

An interesting activity to practice cutting with scissors. See pictures and learn more about this activity from our blog. 

Colour code coloring is a great way to practice numbers and Alphabet.  This printable includes 4 sheets to be colored by referring to the number/alphabet/word.

This pack includes 9 coloring pages. These cute Christmas elements with thick bold outlines are perfect for young kids.

5 worksheets for preschoolers that focus on Visual discrimination &  counting skills.

This pack has 9 cards with colorful Christmas lights. Kids can copy the pattern with dot markers or dot stickers or simply color it.

Make a Christmas theme busy bag with these cards. Kids need to see the 3 colors of the gift box and find the matching cards.

Learn more about this snowman hat matching activity for this blog.

How to download these free printable?

All these printables are available in our free printables library. If you are already a subscriber, use the password from any of our latest newsletters to login. Or else just sign up here get the password.

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