3D Paper Modak Craft

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Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner! One delightful activity for children is creating a 3D paper modak craft.

This craft is uncomplicated with our Free printable Modak template.

If you’re seeking more Ganesh Chaturthi ideas, don’t hesitate to explore our other suggestions!

Now, let me guide you through the process of crafting these paper Modaks with a video tutorial, images, and step-by-step instructions.

3D Paper Modak Craft

Things you will need to make this Paper Modak Craft

Watch a video on how to create the Paper Modak Craft

Directions on how to make Modak Craft

Download the Modak template provided at the end of this post.

We’ve created Modaks that are 5cm in size, but we’ve also included larger templates. You can opt for 7.5cm or 10cm Modaks, depending on the size that suits your Vinayaka idol at home.

Modak Template Free printable

Using the template, cut out a minimum of 8 pieces in the colour of your choice. The more modak pieces you cut, the denser your 3D craft will be.

Modak Pieces

Fold each modak piece precisely at the centre.

Folder modak Pieces

Without unfolding the modak shape, apply glue to one of its outer faces. Place a second folded modak shape on top of the first one, ensuring both modak shapes align at the edges.

Sticking the modak pieces Side by side

Press the pair of modak shapes together to secure them in place.

Modak Craft

Continue sticking all the pieces in a similar fashion, making sure the edges align well, and press firmly each time.

3D Modak

Finally, apply glue to one of the outer faces of the last modak shape. Bring the two outermost faces together and press firmly to glue them in place.

Carefully open up the paper flaps to transform your project into a three-dimensional paper modak craft. Since we’ve used cardstock, the flaps will be more rigid, making your paper modak sturdier.

3D Paper Modak Craft

Make as many as you like!

Your paper Modaks is now ready to be displayed for the Vinayakar Chaturthi celebration.

3D Paper Modak Craft

Cut and Paste Ganesh Craft

Create a paper Ganesha craft, which is kid-friendly and comes with a downloadable template for colouring, cutting, and pasting. Kids will love the Illustrations and the simplicity of the activity.

You can get the Template here:


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All of these crafts include free printable templates to simplify the process for you.

Download the Free printable Modal Template

There are 3 sizes of templates – 5cm, 7.5cm and 10 cm. There are also 2 Versions- half Modak and Full Modak Template

Wondering how to utilize the half-Modak template? This template is designed to simplify the cutting process and save you time. Simply fold your paper in half, align the half template along the folded edge, and proceed to cut.

As the paper is already folder, you can start glueing straightaway

Download the free modak template to get started!





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