Colours Flashcards (Tamil)

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Learning colours is a fun and important way for young children to start learning a new language. These free printable Colours Flashcards (Tamil) are a great way to help your child learn the names of 11 common colours in Tamil.

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Colours flashcards Tamil

What is included in the Colours Flashcards (Tamil) pack?

This Free printable Tamil Flashcards Pack offers 11 flashcards, each featuring an image of a colour accompanied by its corresponding Tamil word.

Each flashcard measures 9 x 12 cm, making them ideal for teaching Toddlers.

Colours in Tamil Flashcards


Colour names in Tamil and English

Here is the list of colours Name in Tamil and English ( That is included in the flashcard Pack)

  1. கருப்பு (karuppu) – black
  2. வெள்ளை (vellai) – white
  3. சிவப்பு (civappu) – red
  4. மஞ்சள் (manjal) – yellow
  5. பச்சை (pachai) – green
  6. நீலம் (nilam) – blue
  7. ஊதா (oodha) – purple
  8. இளஞ்சிவப்பு (ilancivappu) – pink
  9. ஆரஞ்சு (aranju) – orange
  10. பழுப்பு (pazhuppu) – brown
  11. சாம்பல் (Sambal) – Grey


How to make and use these colours Flashcards?

Download the printable at the end of the post and ensure you print them on sturdy paper. I strongly recommend lamination for enhanced durability.

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Colour in Tamil Printable PDF

To use the flashcards, simply show your child the picture and say the Tamil word for the colour. You can also point to objects around the house that are the same colour.

With repeated exposure, your child will soon learn the names of all 12 colours in Tamil.

Fun activities you can do with the colours flashcards

  • Play a matching game. Make 3 part cards and let your child match the pictures to the Tamil words.
  • Picture to Object Matching: Let your child find small items in the colour of the displayed card.
  • Make a colour book by binding the pictures together with the cover Page.
  • Play the I Spy Game
  • Ask Questions Like ” Pick the card that has the colour of the Sky”

Learning colours is a fun and rewarding experience for young children.

With these free printable Tamil colour flashcards, your child will be on their way to learning the names of 12 common colours in no time!

Be Creative and have fun learning!

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Download the Free printable Colours Flashcards in Tamil

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