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These Tamil Vowels Flashcards are Fantastic Learning resources for Tamil Uyir Eluthukal.  Undoubtedly, these Flashcards with Original illustrations are a very effective learning resource for Toddlers or Preschoolers who just started to learn the Tamil language.

Best of all, these Uyir Eluthukal Flashcards are easily accessible and free to print, making them a convenient and cost-effective resource for anyone looking to learn or teach Tamil Vowels.

In addition to our Tamil Vowels Flashcards, we also have Flashcards for learning Mei Eluthukal and Ka Na Cha letters. We encourage you to explore all of our Tamil Learning Resources to see all Tamil Printables.

Tamil Vowels flashcards PDF

Learning Tamil Vowels, or Uyir Eluthukal, is usually the first step in learning the Tamil language. With the help of our Flashcards, you can effortlessly teach your child Tamil Vowels and help them build a strong foundation in the language.

What are Tamil Vowels?

Tamil Vowels, also known as Uyir Eluthukal, are the basic building blocks of the Tamil language.

There are 12 Tamil Vowels, and they are essential to forming words in the Tamil language. Understanding and recognizing Tamil Vowels is crucial to effectively Read and writing Tamil.

Here are the twelve Tamil Vowels and their pronunciation:

  1. அ (a) – pronounced like the “a” in “car”
  2. ஆ (aa) – pronounced like the “a” in “father”
  3. இ (i) – pronounced like the “i” in “bit”
  4. ஈ (ii) – pronounced like the “ee” in “seen”
  5. உ (u) – pronounced like the “u” in “put”
  6. ஊ (uu) – pronounced like the “oo” in “moon”
  7. எ (e) – pronounced like the “e” in “pen”
  8. ஏ (ee) – pronounced like the “ay” in “day”
  9. ஐ (ai) – pronounced like the “i” in “kite”
  10. ஒ (o) – pronounced like the “o” in “hot”
  11. ஓ (oo) – pronounced like the “oa” in “boat”
  12. ஔ (au) – pronounced like the “ou” in “out”

Tamil Vowels flashcards

Why use Flashcards with pictures for learning Tamil Vowels?

Flashcards are an effective tool in helping children memorize letters quickly and retain information for a long period of time. In the context of learning Tamil Vowels or Uyir Eluthukal, using Flashcards can be particularly powerful.

This adorable pack includes 12 flashcards of Tamil Vowels with pictures in high-resolution PDF format.  By using these you can teach and practice Tamil Vowels in an engaging way.

Tamil Uyir eluthukal Flashcards

Each Flashcard features a vowel and a corresponding picture that begins with the same letter, as listed below.

  • அ – அணில்
  • ஆ – ஆமை
  • இ – இலை
  • ஈ – ஈ
  • உ – உலகம்
  • ஊ – ஊஞ்சல்
  • எ – எலி
  • ஏ -ஏணி
  • ஐ – ஐந்து
  • ஒ – ஒட்டகம்
  • ஓ – ஓடம்
  • ஔ – ஔவையார்

How to make Flashcards?

The pack contains a total of 12 Flashcards, spread across 3 printable pages with 4 cards on each page.

To create the Flashcards, simply print the pages on cardstock or thick printing paper, and cut them into 12 individual cards. The Size of Each card is 12 cm x 9 cm, making it perfect for Kids.

Tamil letters flashcards - letters with pictures

If your child is under 2 years of age, we recommend laminating the cards for added durability. To do this, you will need a Laminator and Lamination pouches. Laminated Flashcards are long-lasting and help prevent wear and tear.

For detailed instructions and a video tutorial on how to create durable Laminated Flashcards, we invite you to check out our article “How to make durable flashcards for kids.”

Important Tamil Vowels Rule

When teaching children Tamil vowels, it is important to emphasize that they always appear at the beginning of a word and never in the middle or at the end. This is a crucial tip that children should keep in mind as they learn the Tamil language.

Tamil Vowels Video to Learn Proper Pronunciation

The video includes explanations in both Tamil and English and is suitable for beginners as well as those looking to advance their grammar. They also cover the concept of Kuril (Short Vowels)  and Nedil (Long Vowels) and provide helpful pronunciation tips that can aid in conversations.

If you’re ready to start your Tamil learning journey, we invite you to download and print off these sheets.

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Tamil wovels PDF

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I created these Flashcards for my daughter and I am thrilled to share them with other parents who wish to teach their children how to read and write Tamil. I hope you find these resources helpful in your efforts to teach your child the language!



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