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Looking to teach your child how to read and write Tamil? Start with the Uyir Eluthukal or Tamil vowels. This Tamil Vowel printable chart is ideal for beginners.

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In addition to our Tamil Vowels Poster, we also have Tamil Flashcards and a 247 Tamil Letter chart. Explore all of our Tamil Learning Resources and boost your child’s learning journey.

Tamil Vowels poster PDF

What are Tamil Vowels?

Tamil vowels are known are Uyir Ezhuthukal (உயிரெழுத்துக்கள்) and they are 12 in numbers.

  1. அ (a)
  2. ஆ (aa)
  3. இ (i)
  4. ஈ (ii)
  5. உ (u)
  6. ஊ (uu)
  7. எ (e)
  8. ஏ (ae)
  9. ஐ (ai)
  10. ஒ (o)
  11. ஓ (oo)
  12. ஔ (ou)

Learning Tamil Vowels, or Uyir Eluthukal, is usually the first step in learning the Tamil language.

Posters are Fantastic for learning Tamil Vowels

Educational posters are an excellent learning tool, providing a one-page reference for letter recognition. These Tamil vowel charts feature bold letters making them an effective resource for teaching.

Tamil uyir eluthukal chart pdf

The Tamil Vowel chart is provided in both Portrait and Landscape styles for convenience in the printable. You can print the chart and exhibit it in your study area. To enhance its longevity, consider laminating the poster.

Important Tamil Vowels Rule

When teaching children Tamil vowels, it is important to emphasize that they always appear at the beginning of a word and never in the middle or at the end. This is a crucial tip that children should keep in mind as they learn the Tamil language.

Tamil letters chart PDF

Tamil Vowels Video to Learn Proper Pronunciation

The video includes explanations in both Tamil and English and is suitable for beginners as well as those looking to advance their grammar. They also cover the concept of Kuril (Short Vowels)  and Nedil (Long Vowels) and provide helpful pronunciation tips that can aid in conversations.

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Tamil vowel poster

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