How to Teach Days of the Week in Tamil?

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The days of the week are an essential aspect of our daily lives. If you are searching for ways to teach children about the days of the week in Tamil, look no further. We have some great ideas for you in this blog!

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Days of the week in Tamil

Despite speaking Tamil at home, it is common for many households to use English for various nouns. This leads to children learning the names of things primarily in English, including the Names of Days of the week.

In this blog, We have shared ideas and resources to support your educational pursuits to teach Tamil.

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Days of the Week in Tamil

In Tamil Nadu, Sunday is generally regarded as the first day of the week, similar to the rest of India. This corresponds to the conventional Hindu calendar, which starts the week on Sunday and is widely observed.

So here are the names of the days of the week in Tamil:

  1. ஞாயிறு (Nyayiru) – Sunday
  2. திங்கள் (Thingal) – Monday
  3. செவ்வாய் (Sevvai) – Tuesday
  4. புதன் (Bhuthan) – Wednesday
  5. வியாழன் (Vyazhan) – Thursday
  6. வெள்ளி (Velli) – Friday
  7. சனி (Sani) – Saturday

Note: These names may vary slightly depending on the dialect or region within Tamil Nadu.

Days of the week in Tamil

Once children have learned these names, they can also be taught to add the word “Kilamai,” which means “day” in Tamil, to each day’s name.

For example, “Sunday” in Tamil is “Nyayiru,” and with the addition of “Kilamai,” it becomes “Nyayitru Kilamai.” The same pattern can be applied to all the days of the week by adding “Kilamai” to their respective names.

Ideas and Resources to Teach Days of the Week

Memorization is key to learning the days of the week, but incorporating creative activities can make the learning process enjoyable.

1 – First Things First

Before introducing the names of the days, it is important to explain the basics in simple terms to children.

Such as

  • A week has seven days.
  • Once one week ends, another one begins.
  •  Typically, a week includes five school days and two holidays.
  • The difference between night and day.
  • After every night, a new day begins.

2 – Discuss the Child’s Weekly Routine

Engage in a conversation with your child about their typical weekly routine. For instance, you can say “Every Monday, we go to the library” or “On Sundays, we visit grandparents.”

3 – Use a Calendar

Calendars can be a great visual aid when teaching kids the days of the week. Start by showing them today’s date, introducing the days of the week and months of the year, and counting the days of the week.

4-Use a Poster

Posters can be used to teach the days of the week to kids in a fun and engaging way. Choose a colourful and visually appealing poster, display it in a prominent location, and use it to reinforce the names and order of the days.

Encourage your child to look at the poster frequently and practice saying the days of the week.


Days of the week Tamil Poster printable

This poster features the seven days of the week written in bold Tamil letters. The days are arranged in a clear and easy-to-read format, making it perfect for children.

This poster when printed on high-quality, glossy paper will add a touch of elegance to any room. The colours are bright and vivid, making the poster a great addition to a child’s bedroom, playroom, or classroom. You can get the printable here.

5-Days of the Week Song

If screen time is a part of your child’s daily routine, these two videos can help them remember the days of the week through songs. Songs are a fun and effective way for kids to remember information.

If you don’t allow screen time at home, you can sing these songs to your child instead.

Here is another Video that simply teaches the Names with texts.

6-Make a Day of the Week Craft

Cut-and-paste activities are often a hit with kids, as they combine creativity and learning. This fun activity involves assembling a train in the correct order of the days of the week and creating a train craft. Your child will enjoy both the learning and crafting aspects of this activity.

Here is a Train Craft we made!

Days of the week craft

As previously stated, repetition plays a crucial role in learning and retaining new information. Through regular practice and real-life applications, children will quickly learn this new vocabulary.

I hope you find this article helpful. Don’t Let your Great Ideas be lost in the Shuffle. Pin it now to save for later!

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