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These Tamil Consonants Flashcards are Fantastic Learning resources for Tamil mei Eluthukal.  It is a very useful learning resource for kids who just started to learn the Tamil language.

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What are Tamil Consonants?

Tamil consonants, known as “Mei Eluthukal,” are essential speech sounds in the Tamil language, playing a vital role in word and syllable formation.

Each Tamil consonant is marked with a dot (pulli) above it. There are a total of 18 Tamil consonants.

Here is the list of the 18 Tamil consonants along with their pronunciation:

  1. க் – ik
  2. ங் – ing
  3. ச் – ich
  4. ஞ் -inj
  5. ட் -it
  6. ண் – inn
  7. த் – ith
  8. ந் – indh
  9. ப் – ip
  10. ம் – im
  11. ய் – iy
  12. ர் – ir
  13. ல் – il
  14. வ் – iv
  15. ழ் – izh
  16. ள் – ill
  17. ற் – irr
  18. ன் – in

Tamil Mei eluthukal Flashcards

These consonants form the foundation of the Tamil language and are essential for writing, reading, and speaking in Tamil.

Mei Eluthukal Flashcards with pictures

Flashcards with pictures are a highly effective tool for teaching Tamil Mei Eluthukal to kids. The visual representation aids in memory retention and helps children associate sounds with concrete images.

These interactive and engaging learning tools promote multi-sensory learning, making it easier for children to remember and recognize Tamil consonants.

This Pack includes 18 flashcards of Tamil Consonants with beautiful pictures in PDF format.  By using these you can teach and practice Tamil consonants in an engaging way.

Tamil consonants Flashcards

Each Flashcard features a consonant and a corresponding picture that has the same letter, as shown in the picture above.

How to make Flashcards?

The pack contains a total of 18 Flashcards, spread across 5 printable pages with 4 cards on each page.

To create the Flashcards, simply print the pages on cardstock or thick printing paper, and cut them into 12 individual cards. The Size of Each card is 12 cm x 9 cm, making it perfect for Kids.

Tamil Consonants Flashcard Printable PDF

If your child is under 2 years of age, we recommend laminating the cards for added durability. To do this, you will need a Laminator and Lamination pouches. Laminated Flashcards are long-lasting and help prevent wear and tear.

For detailed instructions and a video tutorial on how to create durable Laminated Flashcards, we invite you to check out our article “How to make durable flashcards for kids.”

Important Tamil Consonants Rule

When teaching Mei Eluthukal, don’t forget to introduce this important rule to the kids.

Unlike Tamil Vowels, Consonants can never appear at the beginning of a Word. They always appear only in the middle or at the end.

What are the Three types of Tamil Consonants?

In the Tamil language, consonants are categorized into three types based on their pronunciation and articulation. These three types of Tamil consonants are:

Vallinam (Hard Consonants)

Vallinam consonants are pronounced with a relatively stronger and sharper sound. The Vallinam consonants are:

    • க்
    • ச்
    • ட்
    • த்
    • ப்
    • ற்

Mellinam (Soft Consonants)

Mellinam consonants are pronounced with a softer sound compared to Vallinam consonants.  The Mellinam consonants are:

    • ங்
    • ஞ்
    • ண்
    • ந்
    • ம்
    • ன்

Idaiyinam (Medium Consonants)

İdaiyinam consonants fall between Vallinam and Mellinam in terms of pronunciation intensity. They are articulated with a medium level of constriction in the vocal tract. The İdaiyinam consonants are:

    • ய்
    • ர்
    • ல்
    • வ்
    • ழ்
    • ள்

Understanding and practising the distinctions among these three types of Tamil consonants is essential for proper pronunciation and fluency in the language.


Tamil Consonants Video to Learn Proper Pronunciation

Consonants have Letters with similar pronunciation. For example – ண் and ன். Mastering their distinct sounds is crucial from the start. Join this video where a Tamil tutor teaches how to pronounce each letter, the right way.

She also explains the 3 categories of Tamil consonants.

So if you are ready to Embark on a journey of Tamil consonants, Print off these consonants flashcards and enjoy!

Get the Tamil Consonants Flashcards


Tamil Meieluthukal Flashcards

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