Tamil Ka Nga Cha Flashcards

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After mastering the basics of vowels and consonants in the Tamil language, it’s important to guide children towards the next step: Uyirmei Eluthukal.

While Tamil consists of a remarkable 216 letters, let’s start by emphasizing the letters “ka,” “gna,” and “cha.”

To facilitate their journey in learning these Letters, these Tamil Ka Gna Cha flashcards are an excellent resource.

Tamil Ka nga cha flashcards

In this blog post, I will explain what is Mei Eluthukal and demonstrate how these Flashcards can assist you in teaching children Ka nga cha letters.

But before we dive into that, I encourage you to explore all the Tamil learning resources available on this blog.

UyirMei Eluthukal

Tamil Mei Eluthukal, also known as Uyirmei Eluthukal, are a set of compound letters in the Tamil language.

They are formed by combining a consonant (Mei) with a vowel (Uyir).

Uyir + Mey = Uyirmei.

In Tamil, there are 216 UyirMei Eluthukal, which include ka, nga, cha, etc. There are formed when the Consonants combine with the Letter அ (Vowel)

  1. க் + அ = க
  2. ங் + அ = ங
  3. ச் + அ = ச
  4. ஞ் + அ = ஞ
  5. ட்+ அ = ட
  6. ண்+ அ = ண
  7. த் + அ = த
  8. ந் + அ = ந
  9. ப் + அ = ப
  10. ம் + அ = ம
  11. ய் + அ = ய
  12. ர் + அ = ர
  13. ல் + அ = ல
  14. வ் + அ = வ
  15. ழ் + அ = ழ
  16. ள் + அ = ள
  17. ற் + அ = ற
  18. ன் + அ = ன

Tamil Ka na cha flashcards

In a similar fashion, all 18 consonants combine with 12 Vowels to create 216 Letters.

The combination creates a unique sound that represents a specific letter.

Here is a Tamil Letter chart, that shows all 247 letters. All the letters in White and Grey are Uyir Mei Eluthukal.

Tamil Letter Poster

This 247 Letter Chart is available in PDF format. Learn more about this Tamil letters chart here.

Ka Nga Cha Flashcards with pictures

Letters Flashcards with pictures of things that begin with the Letter are ideal for teaching kids any new Letter sounds. The visual representation aids in memory retention and helps children associate sounds with concrete images.

This Pack includes 18 flashcards of Tamil Ka Nga Cha letters with beautiful pictures in PDF format.  By using these you can teach and practice Tamil Letters in an engaging way.

Tamil Ka na cha flashcards

Each Flashcard features a consonant and a corresponding picture that has the letter in the beginning or middle. The cards are 9 cm X 12 cm and you can print and laminate these cards for durability.

Tamil Ka na cha flashcards

Video to Learn Proper Pronunciation of Uyir Mei Eluthukal

In this video, kids will learn – Vowel Sound அ + Mei Ezhuthukkal, which is the Ka, Nga, and Cha letters. Learn the Proper Pronunciation and usage Rules of letters.

Get the Tamil Ka Nga Cha Flashcards

Tamil Consonants Flashcards

Tamil Ka na cha flashcards

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