Tamil Months of the Year Poster

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Are you seeking a delightful resource to teach your child the Tamil month’s Name? Look no further! I have created an attractive and eye-catching for kids, facilitating their learning of the 12 months of the Year in Tamil – Tamil Months of the Year Poster. 

You can print and display this in your classroom or at home to aid visual learning for kids. Additionally, children will learn the spellings of the months.

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Months of the Year Tamil

What are the 12 Tamil months?

There are 12 months in the Tamil calendar, with the number of days in a month varying between 29 to 32 days. This is based on the Hindu Solar Calendar.

The first month is Chittirai, which always commences on the 14th of April and is celebrated as Tamil New Year!

Here are the 12 Months of the year in Tamil in order.

  1. Chithirai (சித்திரை)
  2. Vaikaasi (வைகாசி)
  3. Aani (ஆனி)
  4. Aadi (ஆடி)
  5. Aavani (ஆவணி)
  6. Purattaasi (புரட்டாசி)
  7. Aippasi (ஐப்பசி)
  8. Kaarthigai (கார்த்திகை)
  9. Maargazhi (மார்கழி)
  10. Thai (தை)
  11. Maasi (மாசி)
  12. Panguni (பங்குனி)

12 Tamil Months of the Year

These months are widely used in the Tamil-speaking regions of India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia, and among Tamil diaspora communities worldwide. Each month marks various festivals, rituals, and significant events in Tamil culture.

Tamil Months of the Year Poster

I’ve crafted this poster in two styles: one featuring the names of the months and the other displaying their numerical order. Both versions are presented against an eye-catching, kid-friendly background, perfect for children!

Print them on sturdy sheets and hang them on the wall or add them to your learning binder. You can also laminate them for durability.

Tamil Months of the Year Poster

Memorization is key to learning the names of the months, as it is in English. However, here are some ideas that you can incorporate:

Start with the months that have festivals – like Pongal, which always falls in Thai, Tamil New Year which falls in Chithirai, and Christmas always in Margali.

You can also teach them about their birthday month in Tamil and their parents’ birthday months.

Learn the Tamil Months Through a Video

Some Videos are Great for kids to remember as a Song. We found this Tamil months song video so cute! Check it out!

Combining the printable materials with these videos can expedite the learning process! Download the free Tamil months poster at the end of this post, or pin this blog to revisit it later when you require it!

Tamil Months of the Year Poster

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Download the Tamil Months of the Year Poster Printable

Sign up here and Download the free printable poster today and start teaching your child Tamil months of the year!

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