Tissue paper Roll Ganesha craft

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Free printable Ganesha craft for kids

If you’re looking for a simple Ganesha craft to do within 10 minutes, you came to the right place! Our Tissue paper Roll Ganesha is perfect for children of all ages and a great craft to do during Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Tissue paper roll ganesha craft for kids

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Who is Ganesha? 

Ganesha also known as Ganapathy, is an Elephant-headed god of Hindus and one of the most worshipped deities. He is the son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi and the symbol of wisdom. 

Whether you are doing Indian theme activities or Hinduism unit study, you should include this cute craft.

Tissue Paper roll Ganesha craft

With our printable template, this is such a super-cool project to do.  If you do not have tissue rolls at home or consider them as inauspicious, you can use paper cups instead. This printable perfectly suits paper cups too. 

Just paint it with the skin colour as in the printable, and you may follow the rest of the steps as in the blog. 

Things needed

  1. Printable (Download at the end of the blog post by signing up)
  2. Tissue paper roll or Paper cup
  3. Paper Glue stick
  4. Scissors. 

Print the template and Gather up all the supplies; let’s build a Ganesha!

How to make Tissue Paper Roll Ganesha 

Cut out the printable into individual sections. The pieces have fine details, and you need to cut them out precisely. 

Printable cutout pieces of ganesha craft

Next, it’s time to start glueing all the parts over the Paper roll. Before glueing, You can paint the Tissue roll to match the skin colour as in the printable. But we chose to skip it. 

Begin with glueing the Legs at the bottom of the tissue roll. Next, glue the Hands with axe and lotus to the sides at a few centimetres below the top. 

Ganesh craft with tissue paper roll

Next, add the Front body piece with two hands in the front at the same level as the other two hands. 

Ganesha craft in progress

Finally, glue on his elephant head and bend the trunk outwards. And your Ganesha craft is complete! 

Hand size Paper ganesha craft

How easy was that? It is the perfect craft if you have a toddler or preschooler.  

Use this craft to teach about Ganesha. Ganesha has four hands; You can show what he has in each hand and what it symbolises.

Do you see one of his tusks is broken? There is a story behind it.  Well, there are many other stories of Ganesh that kids would love to hear. Check out these Fascinating Ganesha stories for kids with morals. 

How to download this free template?

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Please note that the Printable is for personal or classroom use only. If you have a family or friend who would like this, please send them over to this post to download their own copy.

Pin this Tissue Paper Roll Ganesha 

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tissue Paper roll ganesha craft

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