Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

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How cute it is to hang a Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Ornament on a Christmas tree?  We absolutely adore this idea!

It is a  creative and eco-friendly way to repurpose those empty rolls for the holiday season.

Originally designed for window sill decoration, I enhanced its festive appeal by incorporating a thread to fashion it into a Christmas tree ornament.

Let me show you how to create this Christmas Craft. Additionally, don’t forget to explore more inspiring Toilet Paper Roll Crafts featured on our blog!

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Things you’ll need to make Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

If you don’t have any toilet paper rolls at home, consider purchasing a pack of Paper rolls specifically designed for kids’ crafts and projects!

Watch a video on how to make a Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Directions to make a Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

Start by grabbing an empty paper roll and giving it a vibrant green coat of paint. Allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes, or expedite the process with a hair dryer if you’re in a hurry. Once dry, flatten the roll.

Green painted Toilet paper roll

With a pencil, sketch the outline of a Christmas tree on one side of the roll, ensuring the branches taper toward the top and leaving a 5mm gap at the bottom after each branch.

Christmas tree on Toilet paper roll

Carefully cut along the drawn lines using small precision scissors, as larger scissors might not give a good finish. Seal the top end and affix a star.

Now, let’s create the ornaments of the Christmas tree using glitter paper dots.

Create these dots with a punching machine, opting for two or three colours. We opted for Red and Gold colours.

Attach 5 to 10 dots on each ornament. Your tree is nearly complete!

If you wish to keep it as a centrepiece, table decor, or sill decoration, feel free to stop here.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

For those looking to transform it into an ornament, secure a thread using hot glue.

That’s all it takes to fashion charming toilet paper roll Christmas tree ornaments.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree

We hope you find this idea appealing.

Explore some variations of this Christmas Tree craft:

1. Utilize kitchen paper rolls for taller Christmas trees.
2. Experiment with various shades of green for an eye-catching effect.
3. Consider alternative ornament ideas such as small buttons, pompoms, glitter stones, or painting with Q-tips.

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