Easy Heart Crafts for Kids

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Spread Love Through Crafty Hearts –  We have 44 Easy Heart Crafts for Kids!

 Whether it is Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just a regular day filled with creativity, these Easy Heart crafts are perfect for unleashing artistic expression and fostering sweet connections.

Easy Heart Crafts for Kids

Encourage your kids to add unique touches and make these Heart crafts their own.

But before you dive into the list, don’t forget to grab your Free printable heart templates! They come in all sizes and are perfect for all the craft ideas mentioned.

I’ve organized the crafts into categories based on the materials and techniques used. For detailed instructions, click the link provided below each craft.

Let’s begin!

Easy Paper Heart Craft

Easy Paper Heart Crafts for kids

  1. Zig Zag Paper Heart Craft
  2. Paper Strip Heart Crafts
  3. Paper Weaving Heart Craft
  4. Torn Paper Hear Craft

Paper Plate Heart Crafts

Paper plate Heart Crafts for kids

  1. Paper Plate Penguin Heart Craft
  2. Paper Plate Accordion folded heart
  3. Paper Plate Heart Suncatchers
  4. Paper Plate Yarn Heart Craft

Heart Art Ideas for Kids

Heart art ideas for kids

  1. Chalk Pastel Heart Art
  2. Crayon Resist Art
  3. Dot Marker Hearts
  4. Q-tip Painted Hearts

Heart Painting Ideas for kids

Easy Heart Painting Ideas for kids

  1. Fingerprint Heart art
  2. Handprint Heart Tree Craft
  3. Tape Resist Painted Heart 
  4. Black Glue Heart Painting

Heart Process Painting Techniques

Heart Process art ideas for kids

  1. Tie and Dye Painted Heart
  2. Symmetrically painted Heart
  3. Spin Art Hearts
  4. Melted Crayon Hearts

Heart Stamping Ideas for kids

Heart Potato Stamping Ideas for kids

Easy Heart Card Crafts

Heart Card ideas for kids

  1. Heart Colourng Card Craft
  2. Popup Heart Craft
  3. Button Heard Card Craft
  4. String Heart Yarn Card

Cute Heart Crafts

Cute Heart crafts for kids

  1. Hot air Ballon Heart Craft
  2. Cute Heart Buddies Craft
  3. Heart Animals Paper Craft
  4. Heart Photo Craft

Heart suncatcher Craft

Easy Suncather heart Crafts for kids

  1. Washi Tape Heart Suncatcher Craft
  2. Tissue Paper HeartSuncatcher  Craft
  3. Black glue Heart Suncatcher Craft
  4. Melted Crayon Suncatcher Craft

Nature Heart Crafts for kids


Nature Heart Crafts for kids

  1. Leaf Threading  Heart Craft
  2. Nature Woven Heart Craft
  3. Grass Heart Craft
  4. Nature Heart Craft

Wearable Heart Crafts for kids


Wearable Heart Crafts for Kids

  1. Felt Heart Necklaces
  2. Heart Headband
  3. Paper Plate Heart crown
  4. Cardboard Heart Necklaces

That completes our collection of 44 easy craft ideas for kids!

So, grab your crafting supplies, put on some upbeat music, and get ready to create heartfelt masterpieces!

Want to check these ideas later? Then why not pin this image for a quick reference?

Easy heart crafts Ideas for Kids

Free Printable Heart Template for kids

Explore our diverse range of heart templates perfect for all your craft projects! With over 20 templates available, choose from big, medium, and colourful hearts to suit your needs!

Heart Map for Kids

For another exciting heart-themed project, grab these Heart Templates! Let your kids unleash their creativity by filling them with things they love the most, things that hold a special place in their hearts.

Heart Map Template Free Printable PDF

More Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids

Hear Crafts for kids

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