Heart Map Template for kids

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Is your child brimming with emotions, experiences, and dreams? Help them explore their inner world and express themselves with this engaging and fun Heart Map template!

There are 7  Heart Templates to choose from and also one with Prompts!

So unleash Creativity and Self-Discovery with this Free Printable Heart Map Template for Kids!

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Heart Map Template Free Printable PDF

What is a Heart Map?

“My Heart map” Template allows children to map out the things that hold special meaning to them. It’s like a treasure map of their heart, guiding them to discover the people, places, activities, and things that make them unique and happy.

Why Use a Heart Map with Kids?

  • Promotes Self-Awareness: Encourages children to reflect on their thoughts, feelings, and values.
  • Boosts Creativity and Expression: This provides a platform for kids to express themselves in diverse ways, using words, drawings, and colours.
  • Sparks Conversation: Offers a springboard for meaningful conversations between children and adults.
  • Builds Self-Esteem: Helps children appreciate their individuality and what makes them special.

Heart Map Template Free Printable PDF

As a parent, I adore simple activities that engage my daughter’s imagination and spark meaningful conversations. Heart maps do just that!  They’re incredibly easy to set up – just download the free printable template or sketch one yourself.

Free Printable Heart Map Template

This downloadable template features a large, kid-friendly heart divided into different sections, each prompting them to explore a different aspect of their world.

Each Template is different and kids can choose according to their Will. There is also a Blank template for kids to make their partitions or Draw as a whole.

Heart Template

Here are some ideas that they can fill in

  • Things I Love: Favorite toys, hobbies, foods, etc.
  • People I Care About: Family, friends, teachers, etc.
  • Places I Love to Be: Home, park, beach, etc.
  • Dreams I Have: Aspirations, wishes, and goals.
  • Things That Make Me Happy: Simple joys and activities.
  • Things I’m Good At: Talents, skills, and strengths.
  • Things I Want to Learn More About: Interests and Curiosities.

One of the templates also has prompts in it so kids can just fill in their favorites!

Heart Map Template


Tips to make this Activity Fun

  • Get creative! Let your child decorate the heart map with their crayons, markers, paints, or even glitter.
  • Make it a family activity! Have everyone create their heart maps and share them.
  • Display it proudly! Hang the finished heart map in their room or a special place as a reminder of their unique self.

Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the process!

Heart Map Template Free Printable PDF


This is also Great for Classrooms, Students make their heart map and display it in the bulletin boards. It would be a great way for kids to know each other!

Bonus Tip: Encourage your child to revisit their heart map every few months to see how their thoughts and feelings evolve. It’s a beautiful way to capture precious memories and witness their growth!

Adults can use these heart maps to make vision boards too!

Heart Map Template Free Printable PDF

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Download the Heart Map Template

Ready to download your free template? Click the link below and get started on this heartwarming journey of self-discovery with your child!

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