Paper Strip Heart Craft

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Transform ordinary paper strips into stunning heart decorations with this insanely easy Paper Strip Heart Craft!

 Whether you prefer a vibrant rainbow palette or a single, eye-catching hue, these adorable creations will add a touch of whimsy to any space.

Inspired by our popular Paper Strip Rainbow craft, this heart-shaped variation is guaranteed to captivate your crafting spirit.

Visit our blog for a treasure trove of Easy Paper Heart Crafts to inspire your next Creative Endeavor.

Paper Strip Heart Craft

Things you will need to make the Paper Strip Heart Craft

  • Construction paper
  • Paper Cutter or Scissor
  • Stapler

No glue is needed for this craft!

Directions to make the Paper Strip Heart Craft

To begin crafting your paper hearts, start by using a paper trimmer or scissors to cut 2cm wide strips of paper in assorted colours.

Paper strips for kids crafts

Arrange them sequentially, cutting 2cm off each subsequent strip to create a descending-size pattern.

Rainbow paper strips

Place them one above the other. Once arranged, secure one end of the strips in place using a Stapler.

Heart Craft

Next, gather the opposite ends of the strips, allowing them to bend naturally into a rainbow shape, and staple the other end securely. This forms your upright paper rainbow.

Now, for the heart craft, repeat these steps to create another rainbow. You’ll need two rainbows to make one heart.

Paper strip Rainbows

Take one of the rainbows and bring its two ends together, stapling them to form a drop shape.

Repeat this process with the second rainbow to create two paper strip drops.

Finally, bring the two drop-shaped strips together and staple them again to create a heart shape.

Embrace the versatility of these heart crafts by experimenting with different colours and sizes!

Rainbow Heart Craft

These versatile heart crafts are perfect for decoration or homemade gifts, especially for kids to share with their friends. Whether you stick to a single colour scheme or explore a rainbow of hues, each heart celebrates the beauty of handmade artistry.

Paper Strip Heart Craft

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