Toilet Paper Roll Macaw Craft {Free Template}

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Children are naturally drawn to colourful and animated objects, and what could be more vibrant than a Macaw? With its striking plumage in hues of blue, green, red, and yellow, the Macaw is a living work of art.

With this Toilet Paper Roll Macaw Craft, children can bring these stunning birds to life, creating their own miniature Birds from simple materials found at home.

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Macaw Toilet Paper roll crafts

This Easy TP Roll project is Perfect for Kids of all ages. It is fun and easy to make and Great to play with afterwards.

Plus, there’s a Free Printable Macaw Template to make the project even more Easier.

So, let’s dive right in and discover the step-by-step process for creating this vibrant bird craft.

Things needed to make a Toilet Paper Roll Macaw craft

You just need a couple of things to make this Toilet Paper Roll Macaw Craft

  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Free Printable Macaw Craft Template (Download it at the end of the post)
  • Scissors, Glue
  • Construction Paper or Cardstock in colours – Yellow, Blue and Red
  • Red Paint

If you do not have Toilet Paper Roll at home, You also have the option to buy:  Pack of Paper Roll tubes. 

Watch the TP Roll Macaw Craft Tutorial

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Directions to make a Toilet Paper Roll Macaw

Download and print the Free Macaw Craft Template at the end of the post by signing up.

Cut out the pieces, including the wings in three shades, a beak, and the head feature.

Pro Tip: Save time by stacking three-colour pieces of paper for the wings, folding them in half, and cutting them all at once using the template. Check out the video for a demonstration.

Paint the tissue roll red and allow it to dry for approximately 10 minutes.

Once the tissue roll is dry, gently press it to flatten it slightly, transforming its cross-section into an oval shape.

Now that all parts are ready, it’s time to assemble the macaw!

Begin by arranging and glueing the wings together in the desired order. Stack them in such a way that all three colours are visible and glue them.

Attach either wing to the rear of the Tissue roll with glue.

Next, Stick the eyes and the beak to give your macaw its facial features.

Finally, add the head feature to the inner side of the paper roll, completing your macaw creation.

Toilet paper roll macaw craft

The end result of this craft will be a stunning masterpiece that can be proudly displayed on a rack or hung on a wall.

This is such a great idea to recycle the Tissue Rolls at home and make something fun for kids to play with.

Toilet paper roll macaw craft

Macaw Facts for Kids

Macaw is one of the most popular pets in the world, and kids will love creating their own version of this colourful pet.  Here are 7 Fantastic Macaw facts for kids to learn while doing this craft!

  1. Macaws are known for their Vibrant and Colourful feathers.
  2. They can mimic human speech.
  3. Macaws possess strong beaks for cracking nuts and climbing.
  4. These birds are social and form strong family bonds.
  5. Macaws are native to South American rainforests.
  6. They have a wingspan of up to four feet and are skilled fliers.
  7. Conservation is crucial for protecting macaw populations.

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Toilet paper roll macaw craft

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Download the Macaw Template

Click on the button below to download the Template. Each Page has 2 Macaw Craft Templates.

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