Butterfly Symmetry Painting {Free Template}

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How to Create a Beautiful Butterfly Painting in a Few Seconds? Try this Fun Art Project – Butterfly Symmetry Painting. It is easy, and fun and kids will love the unique result every time.

Butterflies are a popular subject in art due to their vibrant colours and intricate patterns, making them a great source of inspiration for young artists. From drawing and painting to creating 3D models and crafts, there are endless ways to incorporate butterflies into art projects for kids of all ages.

Today we will show you how we made this beautiful butterfly through a Fun technique!

Butterfly symmentry painting

How to create Butterflies with Symmetry Painting? 

The wings of the Butterlyis are symmetrical, which means it is exactly the same on either side.  That is why Symmetry painting is the perfect technique to make beautiful butterflies!   I bet there could be no other Easy way to make Butterfly art in a few seconds!

By creating a mirror image of a butterfly design on either side of a centerline, kids can enjoy the process of exploring symmetry while producing a beautiful piece of art.

This fun and engaging activity is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages and skill levels, making it a perfect choice for a rainy day or a creative afternoon.

Butterfly types art for kids

We made the popular and common butterfly types like Blue Morpho, Peacock Butterfly and a few others. The results were stunning!

In this blog, you will learn how to make them exactly with free Butterfly Photo Cards. There is also a free Butterfly Template that you can download at the end of the post.

Things you will need

Watch us create Butterfly art with Symmetry painting!

This video showcases my process of painting two different butterflies. One of the butterflies is a random art, while the other is a Red Admiral butterfly that I painted with reference to a photograph.

Directions to make a Symmetrical Painting

Download the free Butterfly Template at the end of the post. It has Butterflies in 3 Sizes.

This template can be printed out as many times as you desire, allowing for endless creative possibilities. Simply cut out the butterflies individually and you are ready to begin your art project.

We personally created approximately 20 butterfly pieces, as our child enjoyed making more and more.

Butterfly Template free

Before starting,  I recommend folding the paper in half along the reference line before adding any paint. This makes it easier to fold again after applying the paint and helps to create a mirror image of the design.

Once you have your folded paper, you can begin adding paint to one side of your butterfly. You can use a brush to apply a generous amount of paint or opt for a unique approach by using a spoon to add drops of paint.

paint pattern on the half of the butterfly Printable

Looking at a picture of a butterfly can be a great way to create a similar pattern and design in your own artwork. This activity is not just limited to children, as adults can also enjoy the fun and creativity of butterfly art.

Once you have applied the paint, it is important to fold the paper while the paint is still wet. Press and rub your hands firmly on the surface so the paint gets smashed and spreads to the other half.

fold the butterfly Template

Finally, open the paper to reveal your symmetrical butterfly painting!

Open the butterfly template

If you like to add more details, you can add and again fold. We added the orange Spots on the blue morpho butterfly and folder again. Here is the result.

Blue morpho butterfly Symmetry painting

Now, Let it dry for some minutes. You can use a dryer to speed up the process.

Once it is fully dry, cut the butterfly out using a Scissor. Tadaa! The butterflies are all ready to hang on the wall! Make a garland or just stick it to the wall.

Symmetry painting Butterfly props

We loved the challenge of making different kinds of butterflies. And it helped us to remember the names and features of each butterfly.

Butterfly Symmetrical Painting for Toddlers

Even Toddlers can create amazing art as it is very easy! Guide them to use Squeezy bottles like Ikea Mala to paint one side of the template and fold to see the magic.

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Butterfly Symmetry Painting

Looking for butterfly Picture cards for this Butterfly symmetry project? We have a printable pack of 16 butterfly cards, each featuring a beautiful picture and name in a 3-part format. Best of all, they’re completely free! Get your Butterfly Identification cards Printable and Print them off.

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Download the Butterfly Template

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