Pongal 3D Craft

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Engage children in the festive spirit by letting them create a vibrant Pongal celebration scene with this Pongal 3D craft!

This visually appealing illustration showcases a Farmer family joyously celebrating Pongal in a traditional Village setup.

It’s not just a craft; it’s an interactive way for kids to learn about Pongal while exploring their storytelling skills using these play props.

Pongal, being a crucial festival for farmers, is beautifully portrayed in this craft.

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Pongal 3D craft

Pongal 3D Craft Printable

The printable includes 4 Pages of essential Pongal elements to craft a picturesque scene, representing the significance of this festival for farmers. It Includes

  • Traditional village house adorned with Kolam decorations on walls and Thoraman at the entrance
  • Farmer family of 4 dressed in new traditional attire
  • Pongal pot with sugarcanes
  •  Vibrant rangoli or Kolam
  • Offerings on a banana leaf
  • Offerings on Thamboolam
  • Decorated cow
  • Bonfire

Pongal 3D craft

This illustration is my creation, designed in a way that will captivate my daughter’s attention. Tailored for children, these visuals are sure to delight your kids as well.

Things you will need to make Pongal 3D Craft

  • Cardstock (Recommended)
  •  Scissors
  • Glue

Directions to make Pongal 3D Craft

Print the pages on Cardstock for stability. Props or puppets made with 80 printing paper may not stand well.

Pongal Craft prrintable
Cut out the pieces along the edges

How to make Village Man Puppet for pongal

Pongal Craft cutouts
Apply glue on one flap and stick it to the other flap, creating a roll so that the puppet can stand on its own.

How to make Village Man Puppet for pongal
Repeat the process for all characters and elements, including the cow, Pongal pot, bonfire, and offerings.

Pongal Pringtable puppets

Directions for Making the 3D Village House

How to make 3d Village house Craft

Cut the house along the edges using scissors. Fold the four vertical lines (edges) of the house.
Fold the white flaps inward.
Stick the white flaps to form a box shape for the house.
Attach the roof part to the top of the walls and finally stick the top of the roof.

3d Village house Craft

You can make as many houses as you need!

Create a Pongal Scene

Now, with all the pieces ready, you can arrange the printable as you like to create your unique Pongal scene.

Pongal Craft - 3D Scene

This craft is an excellent way for kids to learn about Pongal, especially for those living abroad who may not have experienced Pongal celebrations in villages.

What You Can Teach with This Pongal 3D Craft?

– The importance of cleaning and painting houses before Pongal, discarding unwanted items on the first day, and lighting a bonfire.
– Wearing new clothes on Pongal.
– Making Pongal from the new harvest rice in a traditional earthen pot.
– Worshiping the Sun god on the day.
– The significance of sugarcane as an offering and its popularity among kids.
– Celebrating Mattu Pongal by worshipping and feeding decorated cows.
– The final day of Pongal involves visiting friends and family, and communities organize events.

Explore the Joy of Pongal with this creative and Educational 3D craft printable!

Get the Pongal 3D Craft Printable

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Pongal Book for Kids

“Pongalo Pongal Book” in Tamil stands out as one of the finest choices in the market for children eager to Learn about Pongal. We enjoy reading it during the festival, finding it a delightful exploration of Pongal.

Pongalo Pongal / பொங்கலோ பொங்கல் - A Tamil Colors Book (Illustrated)
  • Monisha Monikantarajan (Author)
  • Tamil (Publication Language)
  • 20 Pages - Zhagaram Publishing House (Publisher)
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