Pongal Do-a-dot Colouring pages

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Do-a-dot activities are among our recent favourites, and since Pongal is around the corner, I made these Pongal Do-a-dot colouring pages.

pongal do-a-dot colouring pages cow,kolam, banana leaf, sugarcane, earthen pot ladoo

This printable page has seven do-a-dot colouring pages with elements we associate with Pongal.

  • Earthen pot
  • Sugarcane
  • Ladoo
  • Cow
  • Bonfire
  • Banana leaf
  • Kolam / Rangoli

Read on to learn more about this festival and this activity.

About Pongal festival

The Pongal festival

Pongal is a multi-day harvest festival of South India, particularly Tamilnadu, and is very special to us. In other parts of India, it is called Mahar Sankranti.

The festival is a gesture of gratitude towards the sun for the successful harvest the previous year, A tradition very similar to Thanksgiving in the US.

How do we celebrate the festival?

Each day has its significance. I have written a small brief of what we do on each day of Pongal.

  • Day 1 -Bhogi Pongal – God Indra (Who gives rain according to Hindu tradition ) is worshipped. We clean, paint, and decore the house. We discard all the useless things at home. Light a bonfire to burn them.
  • Day 2- Surya Pongal or Thai Pongal – The primary festival day. Entrances are decorated with big colourful kolam, and people wear a new dress. The Pongal dish is prepared in a traditional earthen pot, and we worship the sun. Many dishes are prepared, including sweets like Ladoo, and we eat them on a banana leaf.
  • Day 3- Maattu Pongal – Cows are worshipped- On the day, cows are bathed, horns are painted, decorated with colours powders, garlands and fed a mixture of Pongal dish, bananas, and other foods.
  • Day 4- Kanum Pongal – This means “to visit” – a day when friends and families meet. Social events are organized in communities.

For more information about this festival, check this article on Wikipedia

Now, let’s get back to the activity.

How to use these Pongal do-a-dot colouring pages?

Print all the pages and let the kid have fun dabbing with the do-a-dot markers(Affiliate). The pages have big, bold words, and kids can practice reading the words.

Pongal-do-a-dot marker printable

You can also tell how these pictures are associated with the Pongal festival.

Kolam do-a-dot marker colouring

Although this is designed to go along with Do-a-dot markers, there are more ways to use it.

  1. Use dot stickers to fill the whites
  2. Kids can colour it with crayons or paint them.
  3. Do fingerprint stamping  with an ink stamp pad

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Download the Pongal Dot Marker Printable

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