Pongal Pot Prepositions

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Are you searching for a fun method to teach prepositions to your children? Our Pongal Pot Preposition printable makes learning prepositions a breeze!

This interactive activity is perfect for toddlers, as it enables them to grasp all seven prepositions easily.

Furthermore, these compact cards and cut-outs make them an ideal activity for a busy bag. If you’re interested in similar activities, feel free to explore our Collection of Printable busy bag ideas!

Pongal Pot Preposition Printable

Two years ago, I designed this Prepositions printable centred on the Pongal-Theme, when my child was two years old. My child adored this easy-to-follow activity, and we played it multiple times.

Recently, I have revamped the Printable with enhanced graphics and larger Preposition Cards, and I’m excited to offer it as a freebie. (Please note that the blog images display the previous version.)

To receive the latest version, please sign up at the end of this blog to download it.

Pongal Pot Preposition Printable

This Preposition printable helps you to create an engaging Hands-on-activity that makes learning prepositions fun and easy for toddlers. Let your child strengthen their language skills by observing and replicating the positions of a pot and a chair using the provided props.

Pongal Pot Preposition Printable

This activity is perfect for enhancing your child’s language abilities while having fun at the same time!


Once you have downloaded the Preposition printable, print it out and cut out the pieces. It is recommended to print on thick sheets, such as cardstock.

Although lamination is not required, you may choose to laminate the pieces if desired.

Pot is in front of the chair pongal -preposition

After printing and cutting out the pieces, you will have a chair, a pot, and seven preposition cards.

Now, let’s begin the activity!

Pot Preposition Printable – Usage Instructions

Display the preposition cards one by one and read aloud the preposition stated on the card. Move the pot around as demonstrated in the card.

By observing the position of the pot in relation to the chair on the card, the child can quickly replicate the scene using the props, thereby reinforcing their language skills.

In addition to this activity, you can also prompt your child to converse by asking them questions about objects commonly found around the house. For example, “Where is the ball/pen/book/glass/TV?” and so on.

So go ahead, Download this Pongal Pot Preposition printable at the end of the post, print out these pages, and have a great time learning with your child!

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Pongal Pot Preposition Printable

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