Learning prepositions can be so easy with our Pongal pot preposition printable. This is suitable for toddlers and they can learn the 8 prepositions with this interactive activity.

Pongal pot prepositions

I created this printable last year around Pongal when my child was 2. She loved this simple activity and we have played it many times.

This free printable can be downloaded at the end of this blog.

How to use this Pongal Pot preposition activity?

After downloading the printable,  print it and cut the pieces out. Lamination is not necessary but you can if needed.

You will have a chair, a pot, and 8 preposition cards. Let’s start the activity.

Pot is in front of the chair pongal -preposition

Now display the cards one by one and read aloud the preposition. The child will observe the position of the pot with respect to the chair in the card and will easily recreate the scene with the props. This way, it strengthens their language skills.

Along with this activity, encourage them to talk by asking questions about everyday objects at home. Where is the Ball/pen/ book/glass/TV? etc.

So print out these pages and have fun learning with them. Just click on the button below to download.

Let the fun begin!

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