Pongal Activity Pack Printable

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This Pongal Activity bundle is a great pack to teach your kids about Pongal and to create a variety of Pongal themed activities.

It includes 50 printable pages Features how the Pongal festival is celebrated by the Tamil Community.

Pongal activities for preschoolers

This is our Second Activity bundle after the Christmas Activity Bundle, and both packs have Well-Crafted Hands-on activities for preschoolers. This Pongal pack also includes 6 Learning pages about 4 days of Pongal.  

Check out this video to see all the activities included in the pack.

This bundle is perfect for keeping your child busy with various Pongal-Themed activities curated for 3 to 6. Get your Pongal Activity Pack here

Contents of the Pongal activity Pack

  • What is Pongal?
  • Day1: Bhogi Pongal
  • Day2: Surya Pongal
  • Day3: Maattu Pongal
  • Day4: Kaanum Pongal
  • Pongal word Mat.
  • Kolam Visual DIscrimination – 2 Activity Pages
  • Cow Color Visual perception
  • Saree Colour VIsual perception – 2 Activity Pages
  • 10 Worksheets
  • 2 Colour by Number Pages
  • Number puzzles 1 to 10
  • Number Puzzle 11 to 20
  • Pongal Puzzle
  • Pongal Board Game
  • Pongal Meals: Pretend Playset
  • 10 Drawing Props

How to Prepare:

These activities are easy to prepare. Lamination is not required and I recommend printing all the Hand-on activities on Cardstock and the one-time use activities like worksheets, colouring pages and Drawing props on regular printing paper.

We use 200 GSM thick cardstock to print the pages.

I have bound the pages as a book, which helps me to have them handy and organised. You can also have them in a file folder.

There are a variety of activities and I am sure there are ample to keep your kids busy for 3 to 4 Days during the Pongal holidays. These activities are perfect for 3+ kids, but the Learning pages, colouring pages, drawing props can also be used by kids under 3.

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Printable Pongal Activities

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