Lord Shiva Cut and Paste Craft

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Celebrate the divine presence and auspiciousness of Lord Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction and transformation, with this Kid-Friendly  Lord Shiva Cut and Paste Craft Printable.

This downloadable craft Printable has 8 pieces to make Lord Shiva craft. It is a wonderful way for creative expression and learning, perfect for Mahashivarthri or any time of the year!

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Lord Shiva Cut and Paste Craft Printable

Things you will need to create this Shiva Craft

Directions to create your Cut and Paste Shiva Craft

The printable Craft showcases a majestic portrayal of Lord Shiva, with iconic attributes such as the third eye, trident, and serpent adorning his divine form.

Crafting this project is made simple with a Shiva reference picture at the top right corner of the printable.

Step 1: Print the Shiva Cut and Paste Template
Print the template on high-quality paper or cardstock for durability.

Our template comes in two versions – one pre-coloured for easy assembly, and the other in black and white, allowing for personalization with colours of your choice.

For this guide, we will make with the coloured version.

Shiva Craft for kids

Step 2: Cut Out the Pieces
Carefully cut the pieces out along the edges. Younger kids may require adult help during this step.

Lord Shiva Cut and Paste Craft Printable

Lord Shiva Cut and Paste Craft

Step 3: Assemble Your Lord Shiva
Begin by attaching the head to the body, followed by the Legs and other elements such as the trident and serpent.

For added depth and dimension, gently fold the arms and accessories.

Feel free to unleash your creativity by adding colours, embellishments, or additional decorations to personalize the craft according to your preferences.

Lord Shiva Cut and Paste Craft Printable


This printable template can be utilized for various creative endeavours, including greeting cards, home decor as an addition to your home mandir, and school projects.

The printable is crafted in high resolution to ensure that the final creation is crisp, vibrant, and visually captivating.

The completed craft measures approximately 18cm.

Lord Shiva Cut and Paste Craft Printable

Get the Lord Shiva Cut and Paste Craft Template

Embrace the mystique and symbolism of Lord Shiva in your home with this Shiva Cut and Paste Craft Printable.

Get yours today and immerse yourself in the rich spiritual heritage of India.

Discover more about Lord Shiva with engaging activities:

  • Share age-appropriate stories about Lord Shiva from Hindu mythology.
  • Encourage kids to enact scenes or characters from these tales.
  • Learn a Slogan for Lord Shiva.
  • Explore the significance of symbols associated with Lord Shiva, such as the trident and the third eye.

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