Handprint Ice Cream Craft

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Looking for a fun project kids will love? Try this Handprint ice cream craft! It’s a fantastic and easy way to make a cool melted ice cream cone using your child’s handprints.

While we have many ice cream crafts on our blog, this one is the easiest! Let me show you how to make this paper ice cream in a few simple steps.

Also, check out all the Summer Handprint Crafts for kids that we have created!

Handprint Ice Cream Craft

Things you will need to make this Handprint Ice cream Craft

Directions to make this Handprint Ice cream Craft

First, download the ice cream template. Cut out a cone using brown craft paper, a cherry with red paper, and cream in any colour of your choice.

Place your child’s hand on the cardstock and trace around it. Cut out the handprint. Choose colours based on the ice cream flavours you like, such as pink for strawberry or white for vanilla.

handprint Ice cream cone Craft

Take the brown paper ice cream cone and draw criss-cross patterns on it using a Sharpie pen or pencil to resemble a real cone.

handprint Ice cream cone Craft

Apply glue and attach the handprint to the top of the cone. Then, add the ice cream scoop and the cherry on top. Your ice cream craft is now ready!

That’s all! It’s just that easy!

Handprint Ice Cream Craft

You don’t necessarily need a template for this project, but using one ensures uniform and beautiful results.

This cone template is suitable for kids about 5 to 7 years old. If your child is younger, you can scale it down a bit while printing.

Download the template at the end of the post or pin this post for later. Thanks!

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Summer Handprint Crafts for Kids

This summer, get creative with fun and easy paper projects using kids’ handprints. Here are four fantastic handprint crafts to enjoy:

1. Handprint Crab Craft: Trace two handprints side by side on an orange sheet of paper and cut them out. Add claws, eyes, and a smile to create cute little paper crabs!

2. Handprint Jellyfish: These jellyfish are so easy to make! Trace handprints in any colour and attach them behind a semicircle body (cut using a template). Add eyes, a smile, and a few paper strips for a perfect paper jellyfish craft.

Summer Handprint Craft

3. Handprint Flamingo Craft: Looking for tropical decorations? These handprint flamingos are perfect! Add green handprints as tropical leaves for extra appeal.

4. Handprint Pineapple Craft: This is the coolest fruit craft with sunglasses! Follow this simple tutorial to make your fun pineapple craft.

Download the Handprint Ice Cream Craft Template

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