Handprint Crab Craft

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With the weather heating up and people heading to beaches for vacation, this Handprint Crab Craft is the perfect summer activity for kids.

What could be more fun for kids than making something with their own handprints? Unlike other projects where we use a single hand, for this craft we trace both hands to create beautiful paper crabs!

We’re creating a series of Handprint Crafts perfect for Summer, and this  Crab Craft is the second in the series. Keep checking back daily for more crafts!

Handprint Crab Craft with Free Template

Crabs have five pairs of legs. The top pair has large pinching claws that help crabs feed and defend themselves. Making a crab with handprints is perfect with each finger representing a leg!

And they turned out so cool! We love the result!

Read on to see how to create this crab craft with your kids!

Things you will need to make this Handprint Crab Craft

Directions to make this Handprint Crab Craft

Take an orange cardstock paper and ask your child to place both hands on it, and spread out like in the image below. Trace the outline.

Drawing outline of Child's handprint on Orange Paper.

The result will look like an eagle with spread wings! Cut this piece out using scissors. This will be the body of the crab.

Handprint on Orange Paper

Next, Download the template at the end of the post and print it. Use the template to cut out pieces from the orange paper. Keep the cutouts from the template for the eyes.

Cut the Crab pieces with Free crab Template

Start assembling the crab by glueing the claws to the thumbs. Attach the two rectangles as the connectors for the raised eyes.

Stick the pieces of Crab

Glue the Eyes over the orange circles and attach them to the main body! The crab is almost ready!

Handprint Craft Craft

Glue the eyes over the orange circles and attach them to the main body. The crab is almost ready!

Finally, add a small smile using the black marker.

Orange Crab Craft

How easy was that! You can make as many as you want for wall decor. These look great when made with cardstock sheets, but you can also use construction paper.

Handprint Crab Craft with Free Template

Download the free template at the end of the post to make these cute paper crabs! Teach some fun facts about crabs to kids while making this craftivity!

Interesting Facts about Crabs!

  • Crabs can walk sideways because of the unique way their legs bend.
  • Some crabs, like the coconut crab, can climb trees!
  • Crabs have their skeletons on the outside, called an exoskeleton, which they shed as they grow.
  • Crabs lay 1000s of eggs.
  •  A group of crabs is Known as cast.
  •  Japanese Spider Crab is the largest species of Crab with a leg span of up to 4 m.
  • The tiniest crab, the pea crab, is as small as a pea!
  • Crabs communicate with each other by drumming their claws or flapping their pincers.

Handprint Orange Crab Craft with Free Template

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Summer Crafts for kids

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Summer Q-Tip Printables

These summer Q-tip painting sheets are designed to enhance fine motor development. Provide the Child with a Q-Tip Template, cotton swabs and Paints on a Tray.

The child paints the circles using the Q tip as a Painting tool.

The activity is complete once all the circles have been stamped using the Q-tip.


Ocean Printables for kids

These fun printables are free and are perfect for engaging kids and beating boredom during road trips. These are ideal for summer holidays and are fun and simple to take on your travels.

Download the Handprint Crab Craft Template

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