Summer Handprint Crafts

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Summer is here, and the kids are bursting with energy! If you are Looking for a fun, creative way to keep them entertained and capture those precious summer memories,  Look no further than these Summer Handprint crafts!

There are five Summer-themed Crafts and Each one comes with a Free printable Craft Template to make the Crafting process easier!

So Get ready to transform little handprints into vibrant ice cream cones, playful Crabs, and so much more!

Summer Handprint Crafts

Apart from summer-themed Handprint crafts, we also have many more handprint ideas for Kids on the Blog. Make sure you check them out as well!

Why Kids Love Handprint Crafts?

Kids love The Magic of Transformation: Handprint cut-out crafts turn their handprints into something entirely new – a playful animal, a vibrant flower, or a silly monster!

See Their Growth: As kids grow, their handprints get bigger. These crafts become a sweet reminder of how tiny their hands once were.

Easy Success: Handprint crafts are a guaranteed win. They can proudly plop their hand down and see an instant result – their handprint transformed into something cool!

Things you need to make Summer Handprint Crafts

Brief instruction on how to make these Handprint Crafts

  • Download the Free craft template and  cut out the pieces from Cardstock
  • Trace your child’s hand on paper and carefully cut it out.
  • Glue the handprint cut-out and all additional pieces together.
  • Use markers, paint, glitter, or any craft supplies to personalize your masterpiece.

Detailed instructions and free templates (for some crafts) are available on the linked blog post. 

Handprint Jellyfish Craft

Transform your little one’s handprint into a mesmerizing jellyfish with flowing tentacles!

Handprint Jellyfish Craft

Handprint Crab Craft

Scuttle into summer fun with a crabby handprint craft that’s perfect for little oceanographers.

Handprint Crab Craft with Free Template

Handprint pineapple Craft

Get tropical with a sunny handprint pineapple, perfect for summer decorating or fruity fun.

Handprint Pineapple Craft

Handprint Flamingo craft

Flock together and create a charming handprint flamingo, all pink and ready to greet the warm weather.

Flamingo craft for Preschool

Handprint Icecream Craft

Who needs a scoop shop when you can make a delightful handprint ice cream cone – the sweetest summer treat!

Handprint Ice Cream Craft

Handprint crafts are a perfect way to unleash your child’s inner artist while creating adorable keepsakes that you’ll treasure for years to come.  So make sure you do one of these this Summer!

More Summer Crafts for kids

1. Colourful Rainbow Fish Craft: Dive into a colourful adventure with this craft inspired by the sparkling scales of The Rainbow Fish series!

2. Weave Your Way to a Mango Craft Masterpiece: Get ready to improve fine motors with our zig-zag paper mango craft! This engaging activity will keep little hands busy while they weave their way to a tropical treat.

Summer Crafts for kids

3. Paper Plate Beach: Calling all beach bums! This craft transforms a humble paper plate into a sun-drenched haven. Imagine sparkling water, swaying palm trees, and colourful boats – all waiting for your creative touch.

4. Potato Party: Easy Icecream Art! Who knew a potato could be so cool? This delightful craft turns a spud into a magical ice cream stamp! Get ready for endless fun as you stamp out colourful ice cream creations with just a potato and some paint. It’s easy to set up and the perfect recipe for summer fun!

Let’s Get Crafting!

Engaging Summer Printables for Kids

These free, fun printables are perfect for keeping kids entertained and beating boredom during road trips. Ideal for summer holidays, they’re simple, engaging, and easy to take on your travels.

Summer Mega Workbook for kids

This jam-packed printable workbook is bursting with 80 pages of engaging activities that make learning fun.

Little ones will embark on a journey of discovery, tracing letters and numbers, mastering their colours and shapes, conquering counting challenges, and exploring basic math concepts – all while having a blast!

Beat the summer slump with a learning adventure!




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